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Episode Recap: This is Not Washing Powder, My Friend


The day does not start well for Axl when he learns that the imminent visit to their flat of Gaia's father, Bryn, is to hold Gaia to her promise to return to Waiheke Island when she finished nursing school.  The thought of Gaia leaving his world hits Axl hard.

But Axl also has other things on his mind, as he must go to the hospital for a follow-up visit for his arrow-wound. However, after waiting for hours in the appointment room, with no-one showing, he bails in favor of hanging out with his friend Zeb.  It's here, in the drive-through, as they search for change in Axl's car, that the boys discover a very large bag of cocaine under one of the seats.  Axl has no idea how it got there, although suspicion falls on Anders, while Zeb takes off with the drugs and a plan to solve all their financial problems.

Zeb's disappearance, leaves Axl alone, to face the wrath of Bryn – who, it turns out, really, really doesn't like Axl.  Firmly planting himself in the midst of the Gaia/Bryn leaving issue, Axl's attempts to keep Gaia in the flat do not help matters or glean Gaia's appreciation.  And then things become distinctly worse when the cops raid the flat, looking for the drugs Axl allegedly stole from the hospital.  Of course they do not find anything, because Zeb has the stash. But they do find a quantity of marijuana in Bryn's bag so they arrest him instead.

This leaves Axl with: a pissed off Gaia, a missing Zeb and the police wanting to arrest him. Later on, it's Anders who figures things out: if Axl is in jail for stealing a big bag of cocaine that would make him unable to search for the Frigg. This leads Anders to realize that clearly it is their rivals, the goddesses, playing dirty in the war they have going.  While Anders relishes this challenge, Axl is really not thrilled at the thought of prison.

While under orders not to do anything, while Anders and Ty go on a goddess hunt at the hospital, Axl is left to try and deal with the Bryn/Gaia situation. Naturally, getting arrested has not improved Bryn's mood, so things are even worse between the two of them and Gaia's departure is looking more and more likely.

Zeb makes contact and Axl rides to his rescue, retrieves the drugs and sets about returning them to the hospital.  But there they meet Anders and Ty, who have identified Michele as the goddess behind the frame-up.  Anders takes the drugs and tells Axl he will deal with it.  Anders then plants the drugs in Michele's car, and lets her know that he's on to her game.  And it seems the two of them rather enjoy this game – it gets their juices flowing.

This leaves Axl to sort out the Gaia mess, which he does by opening up to her how much she means to him.  He stops just short of telling her he loves her, and this is enough to make her stand up to her father: she's not going back to the island with him.  Bryn departs, but not before issuing a warning to Axl: do anything to hurt my daughter, I'll come after you.