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Episode Recap: This Is Where Duty Starts

Axl has pretty much recovered from being shot with an arrow, so Anders is very keen that Axl/Odin gets busy hunting Frigg, or the goddess who will be his true love. In Anders' vision of how this works Axl is thrown in among the women-folk of the nation, and shags his way through them until he finds The One He Seeks.  Axl isn't as keen on this plan as Anders is.

Mike and Valerie, meanwhile, are dealing with bad news.  The IVF treatment they have been undertaking has failed for a 2nd time.  Mike's secret fear is that his God sperm and Val's human eggs can never work together to create a child.  Already feeling out of sorts with the universe, Mike's day gets worse when he and Val learn that their friend Rob, in a coma for 15 years now, has started speaking Norse gobbledegook in his sleep.

As Axl ponders the enormity of his Quest – not helped by Ty's gloomy/logical break-down of the task ahead – things take an unexpected turn when he meets a friend of Gaia's named Jaime, whom he feels an immediate (and apparently mutual) attraction.

Meanwhile, Anders has selected the target for Axl's first foray into Frigg-hunting – Karla Svensson, a goddess-like netballer/party girl.  Axl rejects Ander's choice in favor of pursuing an actual relationship with Jaime - who is clearly not Frigg. This annoys Anders to the extent that he sabotages Axl's first date with Jaime, sending him a reminder of the Quest he is meant to be undertaking.

It's revealed that Axl is actually a virgin and the thought of trying to bed the fearsome Karla scares the heck out of him. Anders proposes a plan where Axl can both score Karla and (providing she's not the Frigg) then pursue his romance with Jaime. This planinvolves Axl being the stand-in mascot for Karla's netball team and despite a few hitches along the way, everything pans out as it should and Axl ends up in bed with Karla, losing his virginity.

Mike, meanwhile, has found out about Anders' plan.  He, Ty and Olaf arrive at Anders' place in time to be greeted by a panicked Axl bursting from the bedroom – he thinks that he's killed Karla with his lovemaking. But in fact, she just past out, but it is not an auspicious start to the Quest.

As a way of warning Axl to take this Quest responsibly, Mike tells Axl the story of how Rob ended up in a coma, as a result of Mike using his powers recklessly. Mike's message is that when you are a god, bad things happen to the mortals around you and this is why Mike chooses not to use his powers.

Mike's warnings are echoed when Axl when he gets home and discovers that Jaime saw Axl with Karla and that all thoughts of a relationship between them is most definitely off.  In this way Axl learns the downside of godliness – s#$% happens.