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Episode Recap: A Damn Fine Woman


Axl, Zeb and Gaia stumble in drunk, returning home from a Pimps n' Ho's party, with Gaia dressed as a pimp while Axl and Zeb as her ho's in dresses (natch). Axl falls asleep still wearing the dress, which proves to be something of a tactical error ...

The next morning, Axl awakens to find that he is still wearing the dress, but some kind of Godly transformation has taken place and 'he' is now a she: a tall, blonde, very attractive woman. While 'Axl' freaks, Zeb is very impressed by both the display of Godly power and the hotness of the woman his flatmate has become. When the hungover Gaia encounters the new Axl, she is told that she is 'Mia,' a woman Axl met at the party last night – and that Axl "isn't here right now." Gaia shrugs and puts Mia into the basket with all the other women Axl has brought home in the past.

'Axl' seeks help from Mike and Olaf and learns that when Odin becomes a woman it is usually for the purpose of spying. Unfortunately, neither Mike nor Olaf are clear on what it is that Odin needs to spy on ... so, against Mike's better wishes, 'Axl' and Olaf seek wisdom from the one person they assume knows about the whole gender-changing thing: Mom.

Along the way, a stop-off at Anders' apartment for more suitable women's clothing leads to 'Axl' discovering that Dawn (who is living there while Anders is away) is gathering evidence that Ty killed Eva. Is this the thing Axl was meant to be spying on? 'Axl' certainly thinks so as he (she) goes to tell Ty the news. Ty is wounded but philosophical, revealing to 'Axl' that Colin also shares the same view. So 'Axl' and Olaf take another detour, this time so 'Axl' can tell Colin to lay off the idea that Ty is a killer ... and even though Colin pays lip-service to Odin's commands, one might suspect the message hasn't entirely gotten through.

When Agnetha's take on the new 'Axl' turns out to be even more discouraging than anything that has gone before, the Lady Odin returns to his (her) flat in search of beer but instead encounters Gaia, who is keen for a girly chat with the woman she knows as Mia. And it is in this way that 'Axl' starts to learn the truth about how Gaia truly feels about the real Axl – and it is not music to her/his ears.

It is, however, much less disturbing than Zeb's idea that maybe Mia can help him lose his virginity. Oh, Zeb.

Ty, meanwhile, is not having a great time of it, with the whole Dawn thing and the fact that Ingrid seems to have installed herself at his house. He takes his Dawn concerns to Agnetha, who attempts to divert Dawn by packing her off overseas for the holiday of a lifetime. But Dawn isn't going anywhere ... and sees Agnetha with Ty, which makes her even more suspicious.

'Axl,' meanwhile, is thoroughly depressed that Gaia sees him as a philandering douchebag, so Mike tries to cheer him up with the present of Michele to teach him what a woman needs. At least this succeeds in turning Axl back into a guy, but he is still left with the sinking feeling that the Gaia boat has sailed, as far as he's concerned.