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Episode Recap: Charlie Truman


A party is brewing in the world of the Johnsons, allegedly just a few quiet drinks to celebrate Mike's new bar. Zeb is much keener than Axl on the idea of a Johnson party ... but not as keen as Gaia, who seems a changed woman since her mysterious (and as yet unexplained to the boys) return. And lo, it comes to pass that at said party Gaia hooks up with a complete stranger and leaves Axl moping at the bar, still with a big ol' crush on her.

While Mike feels utterly at home in his new bar, the evening doesn't exactly run as smoothly as he would've liked. For starters, Ty turns up looking like death, his physical state clearly getting worse the longer he's with Eva/Hel. When the Johnsons gang up on him, Ty is defiant – he's fine, he's made his bed and he's lying in it and they should not worry about him ... and to Olaf, this sounds a lot like someone who is accepting their inevitable death, much like an old soldier friend of his named Charlie Truman.

And so Mike's bar opening becomes the Ty and Eva Show as Eva gets into a full-on girl fight with Michele, who is there with Colin, and then Axl finds Eva and Ty playing sexy freezing games in the bathroom with one of Eva's emo followers. For Mike this is the last straw and he calls a "Thing" ... something that ends up being not quite as ominous as it sounds.

The next day, Axl is rudely awoken by the arrival of Bryn, looking for his daughter, though Gaia has yet to return home from her wild night out. Axl is forced to leave Zeb to mind an angry father while he heads off to the Thing – 'Thing' being the old term for an intervention, a family sit-down, which in this case involves playing mini-golf while they try to counsel Ty out of his self-destructive downward spiral. This has limited success, but they do manage to get him to agree to not freeze mortals just because his wife gets off on it.

When Axl returns to his flat, he finds Bryn still there, still waiting ... and then Gaia arrives, doing the walk of shame. She, however, does not stay to hear Bryn's demands that she return to Waiheke with him, instead choosing to duck out as Bryn and Axl tussle. Eventually Axl tracks her down to Mike's bar, where she finally tells him the story of how she realized Bryn and Jacob, for reasons that remain unclear, were keeping her prisoner on the island until she managed to escape. Axl promises her he will sort the situation out ... which he eventually does, brokering a deal with Bryn that he will look after Gaia to stop her from running away forever.

Ty, meanwhile, is trying to sort out his marital situation. Eva, however, does not take the interference of the brothers well and unleashes her frustrations on handmaiden Stacey before confessing to Ty that she wants to have a baby ... which is arguably a scarier proposition than anything she's done thus far.

Others are now getting wind of Ty's perilous state - namely, Dawn and Agnetha. Agnetha is deeply unhappy to see the state Ty is in and tries again to wrench him away from Eva by suggesting he travel north to join Anders on his secret mission, an offer which Ty declines. But Dawn gets more pro-active and goes to see Eva to share her concerns ... to which Eva responds by locking Dawn in the ice-carving room, where it is only the timely intervention of Ty that saves her from being frozen (again).

Ty takes Dawn away to safety to look after her, though when he returns to his house the next day he finds that the door to the ice-carving room has been jammed shut again ... only this time it is Eva inside. As Ty tries to revive her, she dies and he watches her Goddess-spirit ascend, back to the heavens, while he is left with the body of his now ex-wife.

So ... who locked Eva in the ice-carving room?