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Episode Recap: Effortless Manly Coolness


Axl's good nature is being taken advantage of as Ty puts him in charge of Ingrid, who needs someone to take her to pick up someone named Danny from an as-yet-to-be-disclosed location. Despite her assurances it won't take long, Axl soon finds himself waiting in the middle of nowhere, where it transpires that Danny – an ex-psych nurse/lover of Ingrid's – is just being released from prison. When Danny and Ingrid commence making love in the backseat of his car, Axl really regrets being a nice guy.

But it only gets worse for Axl as, encouraged by Gaia's approval of his Mr. Nice Guy status, he soon finds that both Ingrid and Danny are getting drunk and stoned at his flat. During the course of this session, Danny reveals his great idea to make a million bucks: by starting a magic mushroom farm. While Axl and Gaia think the man is clearly deluded, Ingrid is totally up for the idea.

Mike, meanwhile, is having a busy time of it as a man turns up at the bar to deliver a legal document ... and later learns from Michele that Ty is researching ways to kill and then resurrect himself. Ty confesses he wants to find a way for his Hod-spirit to leave his body in the way he saw Eva's Hel-spirit leave hers – but then come back to life, unlike Eva. Mike refuses to help him in this near-suicidal quest, causing a rift between the brothers.

Mike is also keeping busy holding meetings with various Goddesses and Gods, where it transpires that Agnetha has left a 'will' of sorts bestowing many millions of dollars on the recipients. The Goddesses get first crack at the money ... as long as they can put it towards something that will set them up for the rest of their lives, and then the sons of Agnetha get whatever is left over. Mike thinks Ingrid's plan to buy a farm fits this bill exactly.

But Axl is appalled that Ingrid is going to waste her money (and her life) on Danny's insane magic-mushroom plan and stages an intervention, calling upon his God and Goddess kin to tell Ingrid how much she means to them as a way of rebuilding her feelings of self-worth. It goes excruciatingly badly until Ty steps forward to enlist Ingrid in his mission to find a safe way to attain mortality.

Thus Ingrid is welcomed back into the fold and Danny is banished, Ty is free to ignore Mike's disapproval and seek what his heart desires, and ... oh, right: at the very end, Anders arrives back from Norway.