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Episode Recap: Folkmoot


As Ty sleeps soundly in his bed, Colin stands over him, speaking in Old Norse. As Colin walks around Ty's bed, flames spring up behind him, and by the time his work is done, Ty sleeps on, surrounded by walls of fire. Later, to a panicked Ingrid, Ty – singed but very much alive – reveals one of the benefits of running cold: the ability to fight fire with ice. And Ty most definitely knows this was an attempt on his life – one he's been expecting.

News of the attack spreads. Colin is deeply unhappy that it failed and reacts in a fashion that leaves Michele deeply unimpressed with her current choice of lover. Agnetha takes it upon herself to try to convince Colin that Ty did not kill Eva, but when it is abundantly clear Colin doesn't buy this she goes back to Ty, telling him to vacate his house until this can be put right. Ty, thinking Anders' apartment is empty, moves there, only to find Dawn hasn't gone overseas – and still thinks he killed Eva. Once again, he swears to her that he didn't.

Michele, meanwhile, is looking to move on from Colin ... and in the direction of Mike. Mike loves the flirty thing they've got going but needs proof that she is a Goddess worthy of his attention. He wants to check out the powers she claims to have and challenges her to hook Zeb up with a woman – any woman. Michele duly rises to the challenge and, before you can say "Bewitched," Stacey finds herself wildly in lust with the pale, skinny man. It is, to say the least, a disturbing development for Axl and Gaia, Zeb's flatmates and unwitting witnesses to Zeb's new Love God status.

Agnetha's next move in dealing with the Colin situation is to get Axl, as Odin, to call a Folkmoot. Axl has no idea what a Folkmoot is, but after consultation with Olaf and Mike he learns it's like a court, convened when Gods have wronged each other with the senior God (Odin) presiding over events.

While Axl is gathering the players for the Folkmoot, Ty tells Agnetha that Dawn didn't take the offer of the overseas trip and still thinks he's a murderer. There is something in the way that Agnetha tells him she will "deal with Dawn" that worries Ty and he takes his concerns to Mike, who decides the time has come to act ... but how far is Ty willing to go to keep Dawn safe from being next on Agnetha's hit list? When we next see Ty, he's in Colin's bedroom, holding a knife to Colin's throat ... and telling him everything.

By the time the Folkmoot is convened, Michele and Mike have most definitely moved on to being a Godly power-couple. They and the rest of the God/Goddess squad await the arrival of the accused: Colin. When he eventually turns up, he is armed with a sword and ready to go down swinging. Sure, he tried to kill Hod (Ty), but what of the worse crime – that of the murder of the Goddess Hel (Eva)? But as Colin, is lawyer mode, outlines the case backing up the murder accusation, it becomes clear that he knows exactly who did it and how ... and Agnetha realizes that Ty has betrayed her.

Colin asks for the death penalty, but no way is Axl chopping his mom's head off, so in a flash of Odin-esque wisdom he orders that she go back to being a tree for a human lifetime. Colin/Loki is not happy about this and tries to kill Agnetha himself, though he is stopped by Axl and justice is done as Agnetha walks off into the forest and vanishes.

However, when Axl arrives home he learns that the forest has been consumed in a mysterious fire. Loki, it seems, has taken his revenge after all.