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Episode Recap: Magical Fluffy Bunny World


Picking up from where we left off, Gaia is still not getting her head around the idea that she is Frigg as she's openly mocking Axl and Bryn. Axl realizes Gaia is still stoned after her day with the Goddesses and takes her back to their flat, where the devastation wrought by Eggther takes the edge off her happy buzz. Axl tries again to convince Gaia, this time on a personal level, but the arrival of Thor/Derrick at the house does not help matters. As Axl has to deal with Derrick trying to kill Bryn, Gaia takes her opportunity to slip out her bedroom window (again) and make a bid for freedom.

Gaia finds sanctuary at Mike's bar, where she expresses her concerns that Axl and Bryn have lost their minds. Mike introduces himself to Gaia as Ullr and introduces her to the Goddesses, suggesting that maybe they will help Gaia transition into her new world. Michele and the Goddesses are only too happy to whisk Gaia away to welcome her to their ranks whilst Olaf is dubious that Mike has done the right thing, letting the Frigg out of their grasp like that.

Meanwhile, Anders and Ty are still on their drinking spree, with Helen as their new companion. Ty is watching Helen and Anders carefully, surprised that what he's seeing is not the Bragi/Idun chaos that Olaf foretold but Anders actually getting on with a woman and not being such a dick for once in his life.

While Gaia is off with the Goddesses, the word spreads of the latest events and the gang begins to gather at Mike's, with Derrick just wanting to find Eggther and kill him while the others are looking for more diplomatic options. Anders is not thrilled that Mike let the Goddesses get their hands on Frigg ... and is willing to sacrifice Zeb, who is Eggther's hostage. This doesn't go over well and Anders is banished from the bar, accompanied by Helen and Ty (who is too wasted to be of much use).

Eventually the clued-in Gaia returns with her Goddess chums and the debate over what to do about the Zeb/Eggther situation swings into full gear. Mike's assertion that he should be the one to face the giant is overruled and eventually a rescue party of Mike, Axl, Gaia, Bryn and Derrick set forth.

While the posse is away on rescue duty, Michele takes the opportunity to quiz Ingrid on the nature of The Stick, the one that supposedly gave her magical healing powers when Axl was in the hospital. She learns that the power of Yggdrasil is a feminine power, which is why The Stick is useless in the hands of the Johnsons, and proceeds to break into Anders' apartment to liberate The Stick into her rightful hands.

Meanwhile, thanks to Derrick's overwhelming desire to kill giants, the meeting with Eggther does not go well and Axl and Gaia's vision of a new world order where Gods and giants live in peace and harmony is shattered. It is only the intervention of Zeb, who has befriended Eggther during his captivity, that prevents Gaia getting her head caved in.

And so Eggther and Derrick are sent on their respective journeys home and the posse returns to the safety of Mike's bar. Although Gaia has accepted the fact that she is about to become a Goddess, she still has major problems with what this entails, particularly the loss of her free will. But as she tells Axl this outside the bar, a van pulls up and she is bundled into the back by some masked men. Axl can do nothing but watch as Gaia is kidnapped, thus making her very weird day even weirder ... and perhaps a lot more dangerous.