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The Best of 2015: A Killjoy Who's the Best of All Worlds

Before the premiere of Killjoys, we did a side by side comparison of Dutch and some of the best heroes and ass kickers around - past and present.


Before the premiere of Killjoys we were pumped to see Dutch in action, but on the count of spoilers and what not, we couldn't say too much. So instead, we gave you a sneak peek of her bad assery by comparing her to some of the best heroes and ass kickers around - past and present. Now that Season 2 is on the way in 2016, we're not saying we told ya so, but yeah - we told you so. Dutch is awesome!

She uses her forces for good like Superman.


She can't fly and doesn't rock a cape, but Dutch, like the Man of Steel, is all hero. Both are on a quest to do the right thing and save the day - even if it means putting themselves in danger - in their respective worlds.

She fights on the level of Ra's al Gul.

The Demon's Head himself would be impressed with Dutch's incomparable fighting skills. "Who trained you?" is a question she often hears from the mouths of stunned onlookers who see her in action. Although she doesn't fit the EVIL requirement, should there be an opening in the League of Assassins, Dutch, who is handy with a blade, gun and her fists alike, would be a shoe-in.

Black Widow (a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff ) and Dutch are both bad asses who just so happen to be women.

They fight like girls. Girls who can beat the pants off ANYBODY who stands in their way. They also both had childhoods -for better and mostly worse - that shaped the tough as nails people they are today. And they both have groovy aliases. Dutch's real name is Yalena.

She's witty like James Bond (and yes, they both have English accents).

As a Killjoy, Dutch finds herself in more than a few compromising situations, much like those of Bond, James Bond (sorry, we had to). Each of them always has to be several steps ahead of the bad guys by being quick on their feet and quick with their minds.

She's special like Neo.

If the Quad was the Matrix, Dutch would be the One. She's great at being a Killjoy, but she serves a higher purpose that will be explored in greater detail in Season 2!

She's a chameleon like Mystique.

When you get past the contrast in their appearance (although both have great hair), Dutch and Mystique are actually a lot a like in that they both don other people's personas to get what they need. In Season 1, we saw Dutch go undercover on more than one occasion, like that time she hid in plain sight in a fancy gown while wearing explosive accessories, all in the name of chasing down a warrant.

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