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The Best of 2015: Z Nation A to Z

Do you know your Z Nation alphabet?

By Bryan Enk

Do you know your Z Nation alphabet? Here's the world of the zombie apocalpyse, from A to Z.

  1. A is for Addy


    Ex-Sister of Mercy and morning star-wielding zombie killer.
  2. B is for Brett


    This yahoo kidnapped Murphy and forced him to assist in a massive Oxycontin heist at Mesa Pharmaceuticals. Brett's no longer with us.
  3. C is for Citizen Z


    PFC Simon Cruller is the lone survivor of the Northern Lights listening post. He's something of a guardian angel to the survivors, when he's not being attacked by Z's himself.
  4. D is for Doc


    He's not really a doctor. But in the zombie apocalypse, you take what you can get.
  5. E is for Emergency


    It's the state of the nation, y'all.
  6. F is for Forman


    The owner of the 'Forman-mobile,' a tricked-out anti-zombie mega-transport that's unfortunately never seen. Forman's no longer with us.
  7. G is for Garnett


    Charles Garnett was the leader of the survivor group transporting Murphy to California until he took a bullet for his package. We miss Garnett.
  8. H is for Helen


    The leader of the Sisters of Mercy, a heavily armed commune that doesn't allow men folk. The Sisters all eventually burned to death or got eaten by the zombie bear they kept in the barn. (Yep.)
  9. I is for Immune


    That's what Murphy is to the zombie virus. It has its pros and cons.
  10. J is for Jacob


    This dum-dum once led the Resurrection Cult, a bunch of crazies that considered the zombie apocalypse to be the second coming of God. He's no longer with us.
  11. K is for 10K

    Missing media item.

    He calls himself that because that's how many zombies he plans on killing. We're rooting for him to reach his goal.
  12. L is for Liberty Bell


    The pride of Philly fell of a truck and took a few Z's out as it tumbled and crashed down the road. It made us proud to be Americans.
  13. M is for Murphy


    This is the face of the savior of humankind.
  14. N is for Northern Lights


    That's the NSA listening station where Citizen Z is posted. It's located in the Arctic. How'd he get such a sweet gig?
  15. O is for Operation Bitemark


    That's what Citizen Z calls the group of survivors escorting Murphy to California. They change vehicles as often as most pre-apocalypse people changed their underwear. 
  16. P is for Pisay Pao


    That's the name of the actress who plays Cassandra, who's now in this rockin' half-human/half-zombie state. She's quite the lethal weapon.
  17. Q is for Quarantine


    That's what this poor bastard who was exposed to the Z virus is in. It doesn't end well.
  18. R is for Roberta


    She's the boss lady of Operation Bitemark ... and an artist with a machete.
  19. S is for Sketchy


    A former colleague of Doc's, Sketchy McClane was the overlord of Fu-Bar, an outpost where one can drink, drink some more, and participate in a zombie-shooting contest.
  20. T is for Thompson

    Missing media item.

    That's Mack's last name. Betcha didn't know that, eh?
  21. U is for Undead


    That's what the Z's are. It's a problem.
  22. V is for Vasquez


    You'll be getting to know this gentleman throughout Season 2.
  23. W is for Wilbur


    Before he died, Wilbur Grady valiantly attempted to shut down an unstable nuclear reactor at a South Dakota power plant. His former colleague, Homer Stubbins, saw it through.
  24. X is for X-rated


    Murphy opened a zombie stripper club in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Of course he did.
  25. Y is for Yuri


    That's Citizen Z's imaginary friend, a Russian cosmonaut conjured by oxygen deprivation. He likes drinking and playing video games.
  26. Z is for Zunami


    This is something that happens.

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