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The Best of 2015: Z Nation Mash-Up Character Generator

Create your own crazy mash-up character with our handy dandy infographic.

By Bryan Enk

The second season of Z Nation really upped the ante with all the crazy mash-up characters, what with all the plant zombies, army zombies, parade-going zombies and various animal zombies.

We thought we'd take it one step further, going beyond the Z and allowing for all sorts of possible scenarios with our Z-Nation Mash-Up Character Generator (which is almost but not quite as impressive as the elusive 'Forman-Mobile' from Season 1).

You can join in the fun, too! Just pick one word from each of the three columns and you've got hours of amusement as you conjure your own personal mash-up freak show. (It works the same way as those 'insult generator' memes, 'cept with a bigger emphasis on the gonzo crazy.)


Need some examples to jump-start your imagination? Check out the beasties below.

  1. Pensive Mermaid Lifeguard

    Missing media item.
  2. Easily Confused Zombie Drill Sergeant


  3. Thrill-Seeking Ogre Clown


  4. Maniacal Elf Nurse



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