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Explore The New Expanse VR Scene

See the biggest space station in the solar system - and the spaceship that dwarfs it.

You may already know that The Expanse is Syfy's sophisticated adaptation of James S.A. Corey's epic space opera of the same name. The TL;DR version is that humanity's first fateful steps colonizing the solar system in the not too distant future are told through the perspectives of an officer on a ice mining spacecraft, a hardboiled detective tracking the disappearance of one girl in a system of billions, and an influential politician on earth. Heavy stuff.

But we're not satisfied just invading your brain space, so we've created a virtual reality app that will let you explore the environments of The Expanse from the comfort of your own computer or cell phone. By using the App and moving your phone or tablet around you'll see all the different angles. It's like you are actually there. Where things get aggressively immersive is when you add in Google Cardboard. If you're able to pick up this Google product designed for those of us who have yet to pick up an Oculus Rift, you can slam your phone into the cardboard and get the most crazy 360˚Expanse experience this side of Ceres. 

*Breaking News* a brand new scene just launched in the app. You can explore Tycho Station, the biggest in the solar system and the spaceship Nauvoo! The Nauvoo is being built by Mormon missionaries who want to leave the solar system in hopes of settling a new planet (the fancy term for the Nauvoo is a "massive generational ship"). And for those that care about this sort of thing Steven Strait's (Holden's) luscious baritone voice.

This joins the existing scene in the app, showcasing the mega ice hauler The Cantebury (of which the aforementioned Holden is a crew member).

You can download the app here:


*YouTube 360 videos work on Chrome browsers as well as the YouTube app for iOS and Android