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The Expanse: 3D Printing


You may have heard the news, but Syfy Labs (our amazing new emerging technologies division) just partnered up with MakerBot, one of the industry’s leading innovators in 3D printing. In celebration, we've uploadded printable files of exclusive 3D models via MakerBot’s Thingiverse, which is basically like amazon for 3D Printing schematics. We've already uploaded 3D printing plans for ships and icons of our new space opera epic The Expanse, and you can also print up an alien skull from our new show Hunters. It's almost like we're living in the future! If you've got a 3D printer (everyone will in 5 years. Guaranteed!), check out what you can already print up below:

The Canterbury

The Canterbury is the giant ice freighter which plays a central and igniting role in the narrative of The Expanse (we're not saying what because of spoilers).


The Donnager

The pride and joy of the Martian Navy also plays a critical role (ala the Canterbury) in the narrative.



The Expanse takes place in space so, obviously, space helmets are a thing.


The Knight

The Knight is a shuttle on the Canterbury, which Holden and our other lead characters use to investigate a mysterious distress beacon that kicks off the narrative.


The Rocinante

If you are fans of The Expanse books, you are definitely in the know about the Rocinante. If you're reading this before The Expanse's fifth episode (debuting on 1/5), you'll see what this ship is all about. 


Space Dude/Dudette

Points to people who print out a version for each of the main characters, do recreations of key scenes and upload them to youtube.


Logos and more

We've also got logos for The United Nations, Star Helix Security, the Martian Congressional Republic Navy, Tycho Station, the show logo and more. Plus, you can print everything in whatever color you choose.

Head over to Thingverse to download for yourself!