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The Expanse VR App

The Expanse is preparing to blow your mind, literally. 

You may already know that The Expanse is Syfy's sophisticated adaptation of James S.A. Corey's epic space opera of the same name. The TL;DR version is that humanity's first fateful steps colonizing the solar system in the not too distant future are told through the perspectives of an officer on a ice mining spacecraft, a harboiled detective tracking the disapearance of one girl in a system of billions, and an influential politician on earth. Heavy stuff.

But we're not satisfied just invading your brain space with all things Expanse, we want you to see, hear and feel the world that we've created all around you — 360˚. We've created a virtual reality app that will let you explore the planets and ships of The Expanse from the comfort of your own computer or cell phone. By using the App and by moving your phone or tablet around you'll see all the different angles while the video plays. It's all very immersive. Where things get aggressively immersive is when you add in Google Cardboard. If you're able to pick up this Google product designed for those of us who have yet to pick up an Oculus Rift, you can slam your phone into the cardboard and get the most crazy 360˚Expanse experience this side of Ceres. 

The first scene in the app allows you to explore The Canterbury, a massive freighter that hauls ice from the moons of Saturn to the asteroid belt, where it supplies water for the human population. And as we close in on December (when The Expanse premieres) we'll update the app with more content, so that by the time the show airs it will feel like a second home. Granted, hundreds of years in the future with lots of outer space and other planets. But home nonetheless.

We're still working on getting this app to you, but hopefully the preview below will give you a little amuse bouche of what's in store. You'll get a little inside info on The Canterbury, and maybe even more importantly, find out how we got the technology for the ship in the first place. Make sure you toggle the screen with your mouse (or your finger for you mobile users) to really explore the scene. For a novel that does such an amazing job of creating a new, yet familiar world, this app will show you a whole new side of reality. You can download the app at the iTunes and Google Play stores, but if you're still not sold, Go here for more info.

*YouTube 360 videos work on Chrome browsers as well as the YouTube app for iOS and Android