Fred Johnson

Chad L. Coleman

The Chief of Operations at Tycho Station's colossal mobile construction platform, Frederick Lucius Johnson oversees the construction of space stations, the spinning up of asteroids, and in recent years the construction of mankind's first generation starship: the Nauvoo.

A retired Colonel with the UN Marines, Fred is notorious for his involvement in a UN military action that will live on in infamy. Since his disgrace he has sought solace and penance working to better the life of Belters all over the system.

Fred is an outspoken advocate for the Outer Planets Alliance, a Belter advocacy group who seek legitimacy, but are often accused of terrorism.

About Chad L. Coleman

Chad L. Coleman is probably best known for his portrayals of Tyreese Williams on The Walking Dead and Dennis 'Cutty' Wise on The Wire. Other television credits include It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Arrow, Freakish and the 2016 adaptation of Roots.

Chad's film credits include Horrible Bosses and The Green Hornet.

You can follow Chad on Twitter: @ChadLColeman