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Our Top Expanse Moments: Season 1, Episode 1

It was action, mystery and intrigue right from the get-go with the very first episode of The Expanse.

By Bryan Enk

It was action, mystery and intrigue right from the get-go with the very first episode of The Expanse. Here are our favorite moments from the pilot.

  1. Meet Julie Mao


    Who's this mystery woman? She freaks out as she floats around in zero gravity, eventually making her way into the Engineering room of the good ship Scopuli, where she steps into some sort of nightmare world straight out of Event Horizon. Sure, we learn later on that she's the type of gal who can take care of herself, but she's currently in quite the tight spot.
  2. Some Sexual Content


    Zero gravity sex. It's a thing, or at least a thing between our hero, James Holden, and our doomed navigator, Ade Nygaard. Here are some GIFs for you, in case you missed our earlier blog post about this magic moment ...

    Missing media item.


  3. The Ways of the Belt

    It Keeps the Rain Off My Head

    Detective Miller oozes world-weariness as he shows his new partner, Havelock, how you can spot a 'Belter,' the citizens of Ceres Station with distinct physical traits due to growing up in a "zero-G" environment. What better way to world-build than over a liquid lunch?
  4. Cat Collection


    Our favorite throwaway bit in the episode wasn't so much Captain McDowell's ceramic cat collection but his reaction to it after Holden inquires about it. "Those … those are mine," he mumbles to himself, completely spellbound by the sight of the little felines for a few seconds before coming back to Earth … or back to the Cant, anyway. Guess we'll never know the story … and maybe it's better that way.
  5. The Canterbury Goes Kaboom

    She's Gone

    Wow. We guess this is the "single spark" needed to start a war that was mentioned in the opening text. Or is this just one of many to come?

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