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Our Top Expanse Moments: Season 1, Episode 5

Havelock pulled through, Sweet Lt. Bebe from Defiance makes an appearance, Fred Johnson's venomous past is revealed and whole lot more.

By Bryan Enk

Havelock pulled through, Sweet Lt. Bebe from Defiance makes an appearance, Fred Johnson's venomous past is revealed and whole lot more. Here are our favorite moments from The Expanse Season 1, Episode 5: "Back to the Butcher" (with a special shout-out to Holden's reaction to finally getting a decent cup of coffee, as seen above).

  1. Havelock Lives!


    Miller's partner must have some major Wolverine healing powers, 'cause we don't know anybody who could walk away from a metal harpoon through the chest (much less somehow get down off the wall to which he was impaled). Havelock's doing just fine, and his lovely pal Gia seems to be hogging all of the visiting hours … lucky fella!
  2. Billy MacLellan as Marama


    Yes, the representative of the miners at Anderson Station is played by Billy MacLellan, aka Sweet Lt. Bebe from the third season of Defiance. His scenes with his young daughter Kiri were nothing short of heartbreaking … as was the image of them clutching each other as they float off into the cold vastness of space (we'll get to that later).

    (Yes, Billy also appeared as Rodell in 12 Monkeys and Duncan in Lost Girl, but he'll always be Sweet Lt. Bebe first and foremost to us.)


  3. The Butcher of Anderson Station

    The Butcher of Anderson Station

    Sheesh. THIS guy. Let's hope there's some redemption in store for ol' Fred Johnson.
  4. You're One of Us Now

    You're One of Us Now

    And here we thought the dock jock Julie Mao roughed up was just there to illustrate how tough she is; we didn't know the guy was going to be, you know, an actual character! And one chock full of exposition, too, as Neville Bosch (Rossif Sutherland) tells us that Julie once chartered his ship as she commenced with her Belt-hopping, sticking it to her rich daddy and becoming more involved with the OPA … perhaps dangerously so. Bosch also tips Miller about how to score a data broker, which leads to Miller noticing a half-completed mechanical hamster, which in turn triggers a memory …
  5. The Hamster 


    And here we thought the special effects team was just showing off with the appearance of Julie Mao's mechanical hamster in Episode 2; we never thought the little fella would actually, you know, contribute to the plot! Miller finds a data cube in the lovable rodent cyborg, which is probably filled to the rim with hot intel; unfortunately, he'll have to wait a little while before he can give it a thorough evaluation, 'cause he's been kidnapped by thugs. Stay tuned!

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