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The Expanse: 5 Tantalizing Screenshots

Five weeks until The Expanse. Five images to whet your appetite.

By Bryan Enk
The Expanse

Or six, if you count that nifty one above!

We're just about five weeks from the premiere on The Expanse on Syfy (Monday, December 14 at 10/9c, for the record), so we thought we'd whet your appetite for this stunning new series with five screenshots from the very first episode.

That's right. These aren't publicity photos or production stills -- they're actual frames that you'll see in action when the show airs on Syfy next month (or a little earlier on VOD, if that's your cup of tea).

We're not going to explain the context of these images (well, not too much, anyway) -- that would be all spoiler-like! For now, we present them without comment or analyis, allowing your imagination fill in the blanks ...

  1. Whoa! What is this, Event Horizon


  2. Zero gravity sex. And an exercise bicycle, just in case.


  3. Are basketball players tortured in the near-future?


  4. Big ship. Little ship.


  5. Apartment living in the near-future. Not too different from apartment living now!