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The Expanse Expands to Season 2

Blast off! The Expanse has been renewed for a second season.

By Bryan Enk

Attention, fans of The Expanse -- your Happy New Year just got Happier!

Get ready for more groovy future tech, epic space battles, tense political intrigue and ominous mystery, as The Expanse will be blasting off for a second season.

The Expanse has been delighting science fiction fans since the first episode was released on streaming services in November, almost a full month before its network debut on December 14.

We're currently four episodes into the first season, with Holden and his crew narrowly escaping from the doomed Martian warship Donnager and Detective Miller continuing his increasingly dangerous search for the elusive Julie Mao.

The Expanse will wrap its nine-episode first season on February 2, with Season 2 scheduled to commence in early 2017.

Click here to learn more about the characters, locations and organizations - and track the mystery of Julie Mao's disappearance - with our 3D map of the Expanse solar system in The Expanse: Enter the Future.