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10 Times Avasarala Was Our Everything

Chrisjen Avasarala has established herself as the fierce mama bear of planet Earth. Here's why we can't get enough...

Over the course of two seasons, Shohreh Aghdashloo has established Chrisjen Avasarala as one of the preeminent badasses on television. Future Goals. She is them.
Avasarala is the Deputy Undersecretary of the United Nations, but the only reason she hasn't risen to the very top of the ego-powered policial hierarchy is because she like getting shit done. We'd say she's a "walk softly and carry a big stick" type of politician, but she doesn't walk sofly, and her stick is more like a rail gun. Most importantly, she can walk manipulative circles around anyone she deems an adversary (or a friend for that matter), and she swears like sailor, so yeah, this post is most likely NSFW. Here are the moments that Avasarala transcended space and time and became our Patronus. 
  1. Meet Chrisjen Avasarala: Doting Grandma and absolute savage interrogator.

    Heavy Interrogation

  2. Remember when she made day drinking socially acceptable? Solar System's going to hell? At least we'll be in good spirits.


  3. She knows that sometimes you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.


  4. You trying to patronize our girl?! Just try it.


  5. Avasarala can even make us cry with her love for her husband and her devotion to her nation. Is it Arjun who's lucky? Or is it maybe her adoring fans?

    You Got Very Lucky

  6. Avasarala isn't even having it with the show writer's exposition. She cuts through scientific jargon like a hot metaphor through baloney.


  7. Avasarala's crimson winter gear is freakin' transcendant, but more importantly she's not about to let some glorified babysitter get in the way of her pursuit of the truth. She has no problem telling her bodyguards to piss off.

    Winter Predator

  8. Avasarala's only talk is real talk.


  9. And here is a NSFW clip from Season 2, Episode 9 of The Expanse. In a room full of ego and pretense, Avasarala doesn't back down for anyone. See her go full corporeal patronus...


  10. Done.



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