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Episode Recap: Cascade

Harsh realities of future life on Earth are displayed, while the Roci crew are trapped in a dying station. 


On Ganymede, the Rocinante crew deal with their guilt over the shootout that led to the death of the pilot of the Somnambulist. Prax is looking very wary of being connected to these guys. Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Prax find out that Mei and Dr. Strickland are not marked among the dead on Ganymede. They then tour the blasted agriculture dome where Prax used to work.

On Earth, the negotiations with Mars are as tense as ever. Avasarala doesn't believe Draper was talking crazy when she mentioned the man without the space suit. In Draper's quarters at the Martian embassy, Martens hollers at her for her testimony. She asks if she can see the ocean before she's sent back to Mars, but Martens snaps at her that she's to stay put.

As soon as Martens is gone, Bobbie begins to try to pry her room's windows open.

Errinwright is increasingly agitated as he pores over Bobbie's testimony and the evidence from the attack.

Holden and Naomi question relief workers about Dr. Strickland and ask about signs of the Protomolecule. Naomi tells Holden this doesn't feel like Eros. Holden wonders if it just hasn't started yet.

As Amos and Prax investigate the damaged plant life, Prax is accosted by someone he knows, who accuses him of cowardice. Prax tells him he's looking for Mei, and he's told to seek out someone named Roma, who might know.

Errinwright, looking stricken, goes to see Avasarala. He tells her he believes Ganymede was a test for a weapon that was made by Jules-Pierre Mao. He knows this, he says, because he's been working with Mao. He tries to justify that this was about trying to keep Earth safe, but Avasarala won't let him off the hook so easily. He hands over all the information he has and says he thinks Ganymede was just the beginning.

Bobbie is finally able to get her window open, and she climbs out and scales/tumbles her way down and out into the unsure environs of Earth.

On Ganymede, the Roci crew finds Roma, who is hoarding supplies and running his own corrupt little barter system. He's initially obstinate towards requests for help, so Amos starts beating the hell out of him. Naomi and Prax stop him from killing Roma, so instead Amos pulls out a gun and gives Roma a choice: help them or die.

Cotyar reports to Avasarala that Bobbie has escaped the Martian embassy. She sees this as a huge opportunity to find her first, and she instructs Cotyar to see that the Martians are slowed down in their efforts to find Bobbie.

Bobbie is loose in New York, walking around shanty towns and looking for the way to the ocean. She's also struggling to walk in Earth's gravity. A friendly face offers to help in exchange for her bone density pills, which he can barter for medicine to help his people. This man, Nico, shows Bobbie how to walk like an Earther and points her towards the ocean.

While Roma searches the database for Mei, Naomi tells Holden how much she's bothered by the crew's recent turn towards violence. "Every shitty thing we do makes the next one that much easier," she says.

Meanwhile, Prax inspects the plant life, which is dying out because of improper watering. He tells Amos that once the plants go, the whole ecosystem will go. Amos says Ganymede is too important to the system's food supply. Prax says Ganymede is already dead.

While all this is going on, Alex is straight chilling on the Roci, singing along to country music and drinking zero-gravity beer. Suddenly, there's an MCRN announcement that there's a no-fly zone over Ganymede. Bad news.

Roma finds video of Strickland and Mei walking towards an old part of the station where there are no cameras. What lies there? Who knows?

Bobbie makes it to the ocean and sits at the water's edge. There, she's approached by Avasarala and Cotyar. She shows Bobbie a photo of the Protomolecule hybrid creature who rushed her on Ganymede, part of the evidence Errinwright gave her. She tells Draper it was part of a Martian test of a new weapon. Bobbie doesn't believe it and says Avasarala is the enemy. Avasarala says they can't afford to be enemies, but Cotyar pulls her away as Martian officials are approaching.