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Episode Recap: Godspeed

The true power of the Protomolecule is unleashed in one move that will change the course of human history.


The coordinates Fred Johnson sent to Avasarala last week were to a derelict stealth ship floating in space. After looking into it, Avasarala and Cotyar discover that the ship is connected to Protogen and Jules Pierre Mao. She thinks this is connected to why Mars wanted Phoebe station destroyed. She tells Cotyar to have the ship pushed to where someone will find it.

Fred gathers Holden and Naomi together with Miller to explain Miller's plan to ram Eros with the Nauvoo ship in order to send it careening into the sun and this making sure no one ever gets on Eros again. Fred says they need the Rocinante's help to destroy the docks on Eros. Holden thinks the plan is insane, but Fred insists it's the only way.

The derelict ship gets found and linked to Mao pretty quickly. Both Avasarala and Errinwright have Mao to the UN to grill him about it (even though Errinwright is secretly in league with Mao and Avasarala is secretly plotting against him).

On the pretense of a radiation leak, the Nauvoo is evacuated, though the head Mormon can tell that Miller is up to something. "This is our temple," he practically pleads. "This is part of God's plan," Miller answers.

Miller preps for the space mission. Fred even gives him a gun. Naomi them confronts Miller and asks him if he's doing all this for dead Julie Mao. Miller reminds Naomi that the Roci crew his some of the protomolecule out in space and he hasn't said anything. So they both have their reasons.

And so the Nauvoo is unmoored from Tycho station and sent blasting off on a course for Eros.

That meeting earlier with Avasarala has really gotten under Mao's skin. He tells Errinwright that he thinks she's on to them. Errinwright disagrees, and the two men argue over whether their partnership is worth preserving.

The crew of the Guy Molinari — Miller and Diogo among them — have to space-walk onto Eros and then plant bombs on the docks to ensure that no one can get onto Eros ever again. Miller, as usual, hates space.

Back on the Rocinante, Alex spots a ship called the Marasmus that shouldn't be there. They send a drone to investigate and end up communicating with the crew, a humanitarian mission to care for the victims of Eros. Holden needs to chase them off of Eros before any of them can get on and infect themselves.

On Eros, Miller and Diogo are chatty (too chatty for Miller's liking) as they place the bombs. Miller warns Diogo against placing too much faith in the OPA … or in anyone. Diogo brushes it off, though.

Miller then comes upon a hatch door and sees a body in an air lock. It's one of the doctors from the Marasmus.

On the Rocinante, a frantic Holden orders the Marasmus to turn themselves around and  return with them. They could be infected with the protomolecule, which case the whole sol system is doomed. "Don't make me kill you," Holden pleads to himself.

The Marasmus won't turn around, however, and Holden is forced to give the order to destroy the Marasmus.

Debris from the Marasmus goes hurtling towards Miller and Diogo, and Miller's suit is punctured. After a frantic moment, he's able to patch himself up.

The problem is, one of the bombs was damaged in the debris, and now Diogo must hold down the detonator or else it'll explode. If it does, it'll ruin the whole Eros mission. Miller decides to make the supreme sacrifice and takes the bomb from Diogo and sends him to finish the job. Miller's going to go down with Eros.

Miller relays the bad news to the Roci about the bomb and his intentions to stay with it while it detonates. Naomi says they can rescue him, but impact with the Nauvoo is iminent. There's no time.

Miller is resigned to his fate as he watches the Nauvoo approach for impact with Eros. But at the last second, the Nauvoo goes soaring past its target. How did the Nauvoo change course? It didn't. Eros did.