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Episode Recap: Home

Earth, and the human race, face extinction unless Miller can beat the clock and stop the Protomolecule.


Miller and the Rocinante crew are both trying to grapple with the fact that Eros moved to evade the Nauv00. But there's little time to marvel: powered by the protomolecule, Eros is heating up and moving fast.

Back at the UN, everybody's going crazy with the reports that Eros is on the move. Avasarala tries to cool down any notions that Mars is behind it. And things get even more tense when they find out that Eros is on a collision course with Earth.

Seeing that he still has this malfunctioning nuke on his hands, Naomi gets a wonderful terrible idea: Miller can crawl into the bowels of Eros, plant the bomb, and hopefully destroy the protomolecule.

Errinwright wants to order a massive missile attack to take out Eros before it reaches Earth. But what of the "biotoxin" that killed all those people? There's no time to worry about that. Meanwhile, Avasarala wants to make sure Mars doesn't take the missile launch as an act of aggression.

Miller climbs up into the bowels of Eros station. He has a close call with re-setting the nuke timer, and then he starts hearing voices. He's also starting to see pieces of the protomolecule floating all around.

As both Fred Johnson and the Rocinante crew look on with worry, Earth launches their massive missile strike towards Eros. But as the missiles make their way across space, suddenly Eros disappears from radar. Chaos descends again.

The UN is freaking out, but Fred sends them a message: Eros is off the radar, but the Rocinante still has visual on it. It's still there. They can guide the missiles to it, but Earth must give Fred the controls for the missiles. At the UN, Avasarala advocates for Fred and wants to communicate with the Rocinante crew.

Holden relays a message back to the UN, asking Avasarala to trust him with this mission. The request works: Avasarala vouches for Holden to the Security Council.

On Eros, Miller is getting closer to the center, and the protomolecule is all around him. With a ticking clock now on them, Naomi tells Miller he better move his ass.

As the missiles and the Rocinante start to give chase, Eros starts accelerating again. The Roci can't afford to lose a visual, so Alex kicks on the afterburners. He warns the crew that if they keep increasing the Gs, they're all going to end up unconscious (or worse). Holden gives the order: full speed ahead.  As Avasarala observes from Earth: They're going to stay with Eros even if it kills them.

Everyone on Earth is evacuating the planet. Avasarala gets on the phone with her husband, and they fight through the comm delays to say what might be their last goodbyes to each other.

On Eros, Miller starts to make out the voices he's hearing. It's Julie Mao. As her "catch me if you can" echoes in his ears, he comms to Naomi that he thinks Julie's consciousness is still alive in the ship. He thinks when the protomolecule infected her, she infected it back. He thinks SHE'S the one steering the ship right now.

Miller wants Alex to "tap the brakes on the Roci" and stop chasing Eros. Eros will find a way to evade the missiles regardless. Miller thinks he can get "Julie" to stop Eros herself. Alex assents and taps the brakes. As Eros speeds away, Fred agrees to trust what Holden is doing and sends the Earth missiles out into space.

Miller makes it to the Blue Falcon, where Julie was first infected with the protomolecule. There he finds Julie - or rather her consciousness inside a body made of protomolecules. He wakes her up and makes a proper introduction.

Miller tries to convince Julie to steer the ship off someplace safe. Julie doesn't think she can control it. She just wants to go home, only she can't. Miller tells her she's not alone, places her hand on the nuke, and takes off her helmet. He kisses her, and they wait in each other's arms.

Avasarala on Earth, Fred Johnson on Tycho, the crew aboard the Rocinante - everyone looks on as Eros guides inself into a collison with Venus. With Miller and Julie Mao aboard, the asteroid station explodes upon impact with the planet.