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Episode Recap: Safe

In the aftermath of the Eros massacre, Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt are on the brink of war. 


At a base on Mars, gunnery sergeant Bobbie Draper and her fellow Marines undergo training, before getting orders that they're about to be deployed. Bobbie takes one last look at the crater around her, then looks at a projection of what it will look like after 100 years of terraforming. "Someday."

Up on the Rocinante, Holden and Miller are still recovering from the radiation poisoning they got in the first-season finale. Holden is still having nightmares about the blue protomolecules, dreaming they infect him and Naomi.

Down on Earth, after speaking on television and placing the blame for the Donnager attack on Fred Johnson, Chrisjen Avasarala nearly gets killed in an explosion on a transport that was meant for her.

The Rocinante crew is still learning about the protomolecule. Like where did it come from, to start. Is it evidence of life from beyond the solar system? They decide to send it out to space to destroy it, but Naomi wants to use it to create a vaccine to save the people of Eros.

On Mars, Draper and her crew get their mission: to secure Phoebe Research Station, which had been reported by the Donnager as having been attacked. Draper is loudly hoping for payback against Earth, but her commanding officer, Sutton, cautions her about the grave danger of a war between Mars and Earth.

On the Rocinante, Miller, finally sprung from sick bay, runs into Amos in the kitchen, and Amos thinks they ought to work out their problems sooner rather than later. Like how Amos shot and killed Miller's pal Sematimba. Amos explains his good reasons, but Miller isn't having it and punches him. Bad idea. Amos loses it and nearly kills Miller, before Naomi shows up and makes the save.

At the UN meeting, Errinwright strongly pushes to have Earth ships head off the Martian vessels that are currently mobilizing (like Draper's ship currently deployed to Phoebe). Dissenting voices say that de-escalation is the way to go, but when a silent Chrisjen is asked, she says she concurs with Errinwright.

Convinced that she is being set up as a scapegoat by Errinwright, Chrisjen recruits an old friend of her son's, Cotyar, for her security detail … and to be her spy inside the UN.

As Naomi and Holden work outside the ship to prep the rocket that will shoot the protomolecule out into an abandoned asteroid field, they go off comms to have a heart-to-heart about how freaked out Holden seems by what they saw on Eros. Later, Holden and Naomi get out of their space suits, and they both look REAL good, so they jump on each other and give in to their attraction.

The ship that Draper and her crew are on fires their missiles (a surprise to the soldiers onboard), while back at the UN, Errinwright presses that the Earth ship, the Nathan Hale, should fire back at the Martians. Chrisjen speaks up, though, and says this sounds like saber-rattling, not an actual attack. It turns out that she's right; the Martians weren't firing on the Hale ... the missiles strike and destroy Phoebe Research Station.

Figuring that the Rocinante crew needs something good, Alex has cooked them a proper lasagna dinner. One by one, they all show up and break bread and tell stories and enjoy themselves. Even Miller.

Sutton explains to Draper that they didn't fire on the Hale because the Hale had them massively outgunned. Draper wonders if the mission to avoid a war with Earth isn't a backwards way of thinking.