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Episode Recap: Static

Miller’s new plan could change the solar system, while Earth’s fate may be in the hands of an enemy.


Following UN orders, Earth missiles target and obliterate the Martian moon of Deimos, killing 17. Reacting to the strike, Bobbie Draper's marine unit is on edge and spoiling for a fight. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Chrisjen warns Errinwright not to underestimate Mars' resolve.

Back on Tycho, the surviving crew of Thoth station are brought in as prisoners. Miller is also handcuffed, for killing Dresden. Holden is furious at Miller and tries to attack him, but Fred and Naomi pull him off. Fred tells Miller to pick a ship that's departing Tycho and be on it.

Later, Holden is still fuming to Naomi, saying they fought to take Thoth station for nothing, thanks to Miller. Naomi defends Miller, asking whether they were going to deal with Dresden instead? Holden says they now have to clean up Miller's mess.

Things are tense in Draper's marine unit. Private Travis is taking abuse from Privates Hillman and Sa'id because he was born on Earth (in Texas, specifically). Tensions boil over into fisticuffs, and when Bobbie takes an accidental elbow as she tries to break it up, she punches Travis square in the face on reflex.

Fred wants to interrogate the one surviving researcher they unplugged from the mind-meld data hub. His name is Paolo Cortazar, a specialist in nanoinformatics. Holden tries to make an emotional appeal to him, talking about how hard it must've been for Cortazar to watch his mother die of a degenerative disease.  But Cortazar is practically emotionless. And he pledges his loyalty to Dresden.

Since returning from the mission, Alex has become obsessed with running and re-running simulations from the mission, trying to see how he could have saved that second breaching pod that was destroyed.

Miller's been exiled from the Rocinante, so Diogo offers to let him crash at his place. Which is decorated like a college dorm. Diogo jams out to some hot new EDM-sounding tune that he says is based on a decrypted data stream coming off of Eros. Meanwhile, Miller gives himself a trendy new haircut and is haunted by visions of Julie Mao.

Elsewhere, Tis Drummer and Naomi blow off some steam, playing racquetball and then dancing it out at one of Tycho's hot dance clubs.

Bobbie Draper gets a talking to from Sutton after her knockout punch turns out to have injured Travis. He didn't snitch on her, though. Sutton intuits that this wasn't about infighting but about Draper's frustration at not being able to go to war. Echoing Chrisjen's earlier warning to Errinwright, Draper says "We can only be pushed so far.”

Per her request, Cotyar has found Chrisjen a secure channel to send a message to Fred Johnson. He asks her to consider if she's really ready to commit treason.

The message Chrisjen sends to Fred tells him that she was lying all those times she denounced him on TV. She tells him she needs his help, plus any kind of evidence that could avert war. Drummer warns Fred that the Black Sky will come after him if they find out he's colluding with anyone at the UN.

It's learned that Cortazar and his fellow researchers were modified so that their brains could no longer feel empathy. Later, Cortazar continues drawing diagrams on the windows of his cell. Amos pays him a visit, and instead of confronting him, he tries to speak logically of what they saw when they found Julie Mao's body. Cortazar explains that the protomolecule was transforming inside her.

Miller prepares to leave Tycho and comes upon the recruiting station for the Nauvoo, the giant ship that's supposed to carry all the Mormons out past the solar system. Perhaps Miller is thinking about converting?

Amos has figured out the key to getting Cortazar to talk: just engage him about the research he was doing. He can't resist talking about it. So Holden engages him by talking about his observations of the protomolecule on the Anubis. He asks Cortazar if he can control it. Cortazar says the only way he can is by getting access to his research.

Fred joins Amos and Holden in interrogating Cortazar. He plays the recording of the data stream that was the basis for the music Diogo was rocking to. It's coming from Eros. It's pulsating voices from Eros, chanting something, counting down. Cortazar thinks they're building something.

Chrisjen gets a response communication from Fred Johnson. No message, just the location of a stealth ship.

Holden tells Naomi about the pulse coming from Eros and says that what they left behind on Eros isn't over yet. And he's going to need her help to do something about it.

After the dustup earlier, Draper extends an olive branch to Travis, and Hillman and Sa'id follow suit. They're all four Martian strong together.

Miller pays Fred Johnson a visit, as they have both managed to come to the same conclusion: Eros needs to be destroyed, for the good of all. But how can they destroy a whole asteroid? Miller got a great idea just today: they're going to use the Nauvoo to do it.