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Everything You Need To Convince Your Friends To Watch The Expanse

We're here to help!


Season 2 of The Expanse is next level. Avasarala is the badass b that we always knew she could be, And her storyline is starting to come together in a way makes her feel less isolated. The science of the show continues to amaze and impress, but it feels like the showrunners have become even more persnickety in their attention to detail and authenticity. And Holden and the Roci crew are starting to really feel like a family. This season is coming to a close, but fret not! We've got a sweet cameo from Adam Savage to look forward to. Life is good. 

But you know what? If you watch The Expanse you know this. And if you watch The Expanse you hopefully have friends who watch The Expanse so you can talk to them about it. But if you don't, we've but together the following links that you can show your friends if your word isn't enough to convince them to watch the show.