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Losing Miller Had Us Like . . .

Losing your favorite character can be tough. Miller, RIP. Let's break down the stages of grief so that you can learn to cope.


Season 2, Episode 5 of The Expanse was emotional AF (and awesome). A cosmological roller coaster of laughs, tears and goodbyes. Here's the play by play of what happened on 2/22 *pours one out for one's homie*

Circa 9:58pm we charged into the living room ready for a full hour of near-future, space opera goodness.


... then Miller entered the center of Eros. Blue Resplendence. Promomolecule Majesty. Hot Julie Mao 0g hair.


... and Eros pummeled into the surface of Venus and everything went to hell.


Anger seemed to be the overwhelming emotion at this point.


That's right. Knock things off a desk in anger. RIP, laptop.


How could you do this do us?! Miller was our boy and you snatched him from us! He flew too close to the sun; he shone too brightly..


... we're gonna be sick.


Miller's gone. Begrudging acceptance. This isn't our first Red Wedding. We know how to handle this sort of thing.


Liquid therapy seems to be the best course of action.


A toast: to the curmudgeoniest noir detective this side of Ceres. Tip of the cap to you, sweet prince. 


Yup. That'll do.


... and for the rest of the series we'll forever be looking out for a blue firefly-protomoleculed version of the Belter detective in the pork pie cap


And for a more touching tribute, watch this behind the scenes look of the cast and crew saying goodbye to Miller ie. Thomas Jane.

Pour One Out For Miller