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Men With Beards: Official Pic From The Expanse Season 2

Somehow, Miller has managed to look even more haggard.

By Bryan Enk

It would appear that there's a shortage of razors on board the Rocinante.

We're only about six months away from the return of The Expanse, and Entertainment Weekly has scored a first-look photo from the second season. In it, we see that Miller has somehow managed to look even more haggard, with Amos and Holden both looking a little worse for wear as well. Apparently there isn't time to shave when you're trying to save the universe from the rampaging Protomolecule.

This is actually our first official look at The Expanse Season 2, as we've also gotten a glimpse at Martian marine Bobbie Draper. It's still a long road to January 2017, so hopefully these enticing tidbits will start becoming a regular thing.

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