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10 Random Things We Thought About The Expanse Season 3 Episode 1

The Expanse is back! So here's 10 random things we thought about the season opener.


The Expanse is a smart show made my smart people about smart things and that's great! But we want to highlight the random moments that made us laugh, cry, and go, "oh snap!" Because really, when you think about it, Belters, Martians and Earthers are just like us, and that's an observation worth celebrating. See all-new episodes of The Expanse every Wednesday at 9/8c, then check out our post-episode musings in this blog series every Thursday morning!

1. #teamAvasarala


Ugh! Ok, so, just to be clear, we're all in agreement that Errinwright is the absolute WORST for snitching on / double crossing / trying to throw our girl Chrisjen under the plane, right? Right! 

2. Hustlin', Hustlin'


Anyone else hear Rick Ross' "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" playing in your head while Drummer got her workout on? No? Well, in that case, never mind…

3. The Future is Bobbie!


Seeing Bobbie walk around the ship like she owned the place - because in that coat of armor, she kind of did - gives a whole new meaning to the term "power suit."

4. #notrelationshipgoals


We wish Holden wasn't so pissed at Naomi. We get it, but we still hate to see #couplesgoals fight!

5. Highly Caffinated


In response to Holden's meltdown in the kitchen…

Prax: "You should try tea."
Us: LOL!

Who knew that Prax, the botanist, has a sense of humor?

6. Leggo!


We're with Naomi! Let's haul ass to Tycho Station! Or maybe that's just our own fear talking?

7. Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Missing media item.

Oh, Prax, we too hope - with all our hearts and souls - that that truly frightening hybrid you had to kill last Season was NOT your dear sweet Mei.

8. Run, Bobbie! Runnnn!


Were we the only ones who kept thinking "Run like the wind, Bobbie!" as she was scaled the walls of the ship? Hope not.  

9. I'm Soberly Tober


Dummer is an angry drunk. No surprises here.

10. Nice Work, If You Can Get It


Cotyar: "Good job marine."
Bobbie: "Same to you spy".
Us: "teehee!"