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10 Random Things We Thought About The Expanse Season 3 Episode 11

The Expanse is a show about intergalactic war and politics. However, like any good show, there are lots of moments that we, non-space travelers, can really connect to!

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 3.55.46 PM

The Expanse is a display of scientific accuracies and political complexities, but we're here to highlight all the random things that you never knew other people thought about too. For example, how much we chuckled at this dude's reaction (pictured above) when Ashford declared to spin the drum... Below are some moments from Episode 10 that made us giggle, cry, and contemplate life (potentially all at the same time)! Tune in for all-new episodes of The Expanse, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

1. Brains & Brawn


Between picking up a grown man (albeit in zero G) to realizing the speed limit changed, Bobby's an absolute boss, and we all want to be her. 

2. A Rude Awakening


Anna's jolted awake due to the ship's massive deceleration, and walks out of her bunk to this terrifying visual... We can't imagine a worse image to wake up to.

3. Oh Snap!


Lol at Anna getting called out for never being in zero G before. GO BACK TO YOUR SWEET WIFE AND CHILD ANNA!!

4. The Clawwww


Drummer and Ashford playing a giant version of the Claw Machine is such a sweet bonding moment you almost forget she's trying not to bleed out and die. 

5. I'm Not Crying, You're Crying


So to recap Anna’s post-nap day, she’s jolted awake to find multiple creepy, floating dead bodies outside her cabin, walks around the ship to find more dead bodies, is told that many wounded people that are still alive cannot be helped and are also going to die, discovers Tilly’s going to die, and is blamed for Tilly’s death. We think it’s safe to say that this is not Anna’s (or anyone's) day… 

6. All the World's a Stage


How you look at that one friend who takes singing to the radio WAY too seriously...

7. Keep on Surviving


Drummer never ceases to amaze us (or Ashford apparently). 

8. Holding Out for a Hero


Hellllll yeah. Remember when we said Anna should go back to her family? Yah, we take that back because her saving Naomi's life is dope. 

9. Yaaayyyyy!


Yes, a lot of people are going to survive now that there's some gravity up in the Behemoth, but we're lolling at how excited this little cheering, jumpsuited crew is mid-crisis.

10. The End of Everything


Holden's final statement that he saw "the end of everything" is hella ominous, and we don’t know if we can contain our curiosity for 1 whole week until the next episode!