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10 Random Things We Thought About The Expanse Season 3 Episode 13

The Expanse is a show about intergalactic war and politics. However, like any good show, there are lots of moments that we, non-space travelers, can really connect to!


The Expanse is a display of scientific accuracies and political complexities, but we're here to highlight all the random things that you never knew other people thought about too. Below are some moments from the Season 3 finale that made us giggle, cry, and contemplate life (potentially all at the same time)! 

1. Together Forever 

together forever (2)

Shook. To. The. Core. We love that Holden talks to a dead guy on the reg, and Naomi is still down. 

2. Zero Gravity; Zero Problems

Face mask (1)

Lol. Drummer is like us after using a three dollar facemask for two minutes. 


new iphone reveal (3)

Okay. Look at Amos finding this thing. He is fully proving that he is way more than his muscles/obsession with violence. He is smart, he is kind, he is important. No but really, he's stepped up to the plate as a leader, and we're here for it. Go ahead, Amos! 

4. Don't Ask Me 

squad eat (4)

When nobody in the squad can decide where to go for dinner. 

5. Whodunit?


We cannot, and will not, get over Ashford looking around after he shoots Grigori. Is he trying to pretend he didn't do it? He saw it, everyone in the room saw it, we saw it. Own your guilt, man. 

6. Nice Hustle!

pizza man (6)

When the doorbell rings and you know it's the pizza man. 

7. Anna or Oprah? 

black friday (7)

Okay this is pure Black Friday chaos, but Anna was absolutely killing the game as a motivational speaker. We would've powered down immediately after hearing her speech. She had us at hello. 

8. Things are Looking Up.

looking up (8)

It was going to be kind of inspiring if Drummer sacrificed herself for the greater good, but this was chill too. Bye, Diogo.

9. We Love You, Too

l bomb (9)

Lesson learned: when someone asks you to drop your gun, drop the L-bomb instead. 

10. Team Melba? 

bandwagon melba (10)

Okay call us bandwagon fans, but this was incredible. Melba FINALLY has a moral compass. 

11. You're Welcome

holden (1!)

Yes, we know this is number 11, but we all deserve a little shirtless Holden action after the emotional roller coaster that was that season finale. You are so welcome.