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Episode Recap: Food Fight

Love of duck liver and video games prompts social media backlash that destroys two people's lives.


Mark was flying high in both his professional and personal life. He had a great career as an executive chief and a great girlfriend and a great daughter. Great, right? Well, all that changed when Mark found himself in a Facebook fight with a woman who was insulting the practices of a restaurant she had never been to. As a chef, Mark stood up for one of his own in the culinary industry and from there…One thing led to another, curse words were tossed exchanged, the woman allegedly threatened Mark's daughter and Mark, upset about someone threatening his child's life, said some unsavory things to the woman that cost him his job and nearly threatened to ruin his career. He's now much more cautious about his interactions on social media.

Brianna Wu loves working in the video game industry just not the sexism that sometimes comes along with it. After using Twitter to speak out against the misogynistic representation of women in the industry, Brianna received backlash in the form of over 180 death threats in fourteen month's time. Brianna's most vocal enemies were a group, comprised mostly of men (this was part of a larger anti-female discourse colloquially titled "Gamergate"). Brianna found herself threatened and harassed. The threats got so bad that Brianna and her husband fled their home and started living out of various hotels just to maintain a basic sense of safety. Currently there have been no prosecutions against any of the men who threatened Brianna's life, and though she's been emotionally shaken by the experience, Brianna continues to speak out against misogyny in the gaming industry.

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