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Episode Recap: Sext Gone Wrong

A ridiculous prank posted online puts one man in handcuffs, while sending a topless photo turns a high school student's world upside-down.

At 19, Cameron was really into social media and shock value, so when he heard about the latest Internet craze known as the Piss Olympics, he was um…inspired to participate. Cameron decided to post a video of himself peeing on an order of nachos at his job. The video got a lot of likes but one entity in particular - the FBI- really disliked it. Cameron was arrested, interrogated and faced federal jail time because his actions posed a threat to public safety (since he worked at a restaurant...urinating on food was considered a health hazard). He even had to take a lie detector test, which he passed. Turns out, it wasn’t pee after all - only Mountain Dew. In addition to being questioned by the Feds, Cameron lost his job, received death threats online and couldn’t find work for months. What started off as a prank nearly landed Cameron in prison and forever marred his presence on social media. #pissresponsibly

In love with her high school sweetheart, Allyson Pereira thought that they would grow up, get married and live happily ever after. So when her boyfriend suddenly broke up with her, she was devastated. Days later, when Ally’s ex asked her to send him a topless picture, she obliged, thinking that would help them get back together. But once the naked photo was sent, Ally’s life changed for the worse. Her ex sent the picture to friends and before she knew it, almost everyone at school had seen it, much to Ally’s embarrassment. She was bullied and shamed by people at school and tried to commit suicide. Luckily, with counseling and the support of her family Ally was eventually able to recover from the incident.

Find out what life after “send” is like for Allyson in our follow-up interview.