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The Internet Ruined My Life Aftermath

What did we learn?


Now that the first Season of The Internet Ruined My Life has wrapped up, we'd like to take a moment to reflect. What did we learn? Sure there were some humorous take aways, like urination is suited for a toilet, but there were also some learnings that held important life lessons for those of us who enjoy the social leanings of the net. Seeing as this is the digital space for the show, it would seem that guiding our impressionable and eager audience to some fantastic resources that can help to make sense of the events of the show, would be the considerate things to do. So, let us be your guide on your online education journey while seeking out the safest and best ways to navigate onspaces.

First off, the show. You can watch all of Season 1 Here. Once you've ingested all of the emotional drama and intrigue of internet follies you can check out our Follow Up Interviews Here, which will give you summary of what happened once the dust settled from all of the stars of IRML. Also, be sure to watch the amazing After Show from Cyberwise that really dives into the social ramifications of the actions taken by the people on the show. Seriously, it's awesome. They've got guests commentating on the series, ranging from lawyers, to psychologists to Internet safety experts, as well as IRML stars Ashley Vanpevenage, Nicole Crowther and Annamarie Chiarinni.

And of course, our Internet Safety Resources Page (it's basically a glossary for all things internet safety!) is always available.