This Geek Icon Just Joined The Magicians Season 3 Cast

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 09:35

When we last left our intrepid magical adventurers, magic was not in a great place. It had been turnt down, and for what! The magical plumber was having none it. So what's one to do when magic is caput. Duh, you quest to bring it back. Enter Poppy!

A postgraduate fellow from Brakebills who is discovered in Fillory doing interesting field work as a Dragonologist, Poppy feels destined to help the gang reinstate magic to universe. After all, there’s no way that someone who talks to dragons doesn’t know a thing or two about particularly powerful magic, given that dragons are some of the oldest and most powerful magical beings of all time.

TL;DR: Magic is gone. The gang is questing to get it back. Felicia Day is going to help them. The hype is real.