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Voila! The Magicians Gets Renewed for Season 3

Totally. Here. For. This.


File this under: Kind of a big deal. The Magicians just got renewed for a Season 3 and we’re EXCITED! The adventures of our majestic crew will continue in 2018 and we’d love to give you dish on what you can expect to see but, we still gotta finish watching Season 2...

Speaking of which, be sure to check out the the penultimate (that's fancy speak for the episode before the final episode) Season 2 episode **tonight** at 9/8c and then tune in next Wednesday at 9/8c for what promises to be an EPIC season finale. Trust us, you seriously don’t want to miss it.

And then? Look out for all-new episodes in 2018. We’ll keep you updated on the latest news about all things The Magicains, on our official site. #teammagic

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Let Jason Ralph and Stella Maeve, and the showrunners ease you into the new season with their tasteful Wondercon interview below:

The Magicians Cast Preview End of Season 2 & Season 3