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Episode Recap: Thirty-Nine Graves

Relationships are changed, alliances are formed, mysteries are solved, battles are fought. Oh, and everyone travels to another dimension.


Last time we saw Julia and Kady, they'd been given a quest by Our Lady Underground to find one of her servants. They find him exactly where Our Lady says he'll be, but it takes some work to convince him they are worthy of his help. Eventually they get what they came for, an invocation that comes with a warning. "You can't unring a bell, so be certain when you call." So that's… spooky.

Meanwhile at Brakebills, everyone is dealing with all the feelings that resulted from the Quentin/Eliot/Margo sleeping together situation. Alice is furious at Quentin. Quentin is furious at Margo. Margo is furious at Quentin for being furious at her. Tensions are high as Penny tries to finalize the plan to get them to Fillory. Alice storms off to get away from the drama and Penny follows.

Back at Julia's apartment, the "summon a God squad" is celebrating! They have what they need to call on Our Lady! Party time, right?! Not quite. Julia still has some reservations about the whole thing after the parting words from Our Lady's servant. Richard convinces her that because they are pure in their intentions they have nothing to worry about. Then he gives her that look… You know which one. Bow chicka bow wow!

Now Margo is mad at Eliot. And Eliot has stopped caring about anything. And Quentin just can't take it, so he stalks off, with all his broody feels, in search of Alice. First stop, her room. But wait, what's that sound? It sounds like moaning. But that can't be, the only two people missing are OH MY GOD ALICE IS HAVING SEX WITH PENNY! No time to worry about that because everyone has to get to Fillory stat! Thankfully, they have those magic bottles to house their emotions in, otherwise Alice and Quentin would get them all killed. So off they go to the Neitherlands. But, oh no! Within seconds of crawling out of the fountain, they are surrounded by Eve and her henchman. In the fray, the gang loses their map and Q gets pushed back into the fountain and lands back on Earth, with no way to get back.  

The rest of the gang manages to escape and Penny leads them to the Neitherlands library where they find that awesome eccentric librarian from Penny's last visit who says that they can stay and hide out. The caveat being that they are not allowed to have any food or drink or other intoxicants, including their emotion bottles which she quickly destroys, unleashing all those bottled up feelings. While waiting for his friends to normalize their behaviors, Penny goes searching for answers. He needs to learn how to master his traveling abilities, how to bring people with him where he goes, and The Librarian has that book – just in another branch. Of course.  

Stuck at Brakebills, Quentin pays a visit to Dean Fogg looking for answers. To help him with that, truth serum! Team: Pay attention now, 'cause this part is important and slightly complex: Eliza (remember her? British lady that was killed back in Episode #8?) was actually Jane Chatwin. Jane, who possessed the magical ability to mess with time, put Q and company in a time loop in an attempt to defeat The Beast. (But why?) See, every time the gang failed, Jane would reset the time loop and change something in hopes that this change would bring about the death of The Beast! (Oh, wait, how many times has she done this?) She has apparently done this 39 times (Including one time where Margo's name was Janet - wink wink to fans of The Magicians books), but since she died, this is their last chance. This newfound knowledge makes Quentin realize he needs help in a big way, so he seeks out the thing that has changed – and it's his oldest friend, Julia. You see, apparently the change that Jane made in THIS timeline (again, the 39th timeline she created to kill the Beast), Julia was rejected from Brakebills. Follow?
After Quentin explains everything to Julia, apologies are made and accepted, feelings are felt, hugs all around. Q wonders how Julia is taking all this news so well, which is when she explains that she has found bigger/better magic out there and tells him all about invoking Our Lady Underground. Julia and Kady's mission worked. We see flashes of the ceremony and the resulting peace it offered. But where's Julia's gang now? Apparently, Our Lady has sent them all, including Kady on a very hush-hush mission. With that, Julia and Q now they have to find their way to Fillory. For the Chatwin children, they always found a way in through a door that magically appeared. But Julia and Quentin can't just make a door appear… which gives Quentin an idea.

While hiding out in the library, Margo finds Eliot among the stacks reading the book of Mike, the ex-boyfriend who, while possessed by The Beast, Eliot had to kill. Too many feelings and too much brooding makes Eliot go a little crazy and he torches the book which causes The Librarian to banish them all from the library. Out in the world of the Neitherlands the group is vulnerable to attack when they meet Josh Hoberman. He's one of the disappeared 3rd year students we'd heard so much about. Apparently the girl locked up in The Beast's dungeon, Victoria, took Josh and some fellow classmates to Fillory for spring break. It was all fun and games until all the bad stuff with The Beast went down. When Josh finds out the gang is heading to Fillory in part to save her, he decides to come along. Now how are they going to get past Eve? Alice bends light so she can hide her friends as they walk right past the guards. Eliot, however, bungles the whole thing after eating some psychedelic carrots (yes, you read that right) and wanders away from the group. Battle magic abounds, blood is shed and there is slicing. And finally, the gang escapes into the Fillory fountain. They're safe, for now.

Quentin and Julia decide that they need to be there when a door to Fillory has already been opened. Go back in time, as it were, to when one of the Chatwins goes through and just follow them. But how to get to the 1940's? Luckily, Julia has an idea. After a trip to Brakebills, Julia and Quentin are now in possession of a magical time machine that will take them to April 19, 1942, two days before Jane Chatwin finds a door into Fillory in one of the Fillory books. And…it works! The friends find themselves in England in 1942 and they see Jane. They follow her into a magical phone booth, which leads them into a forest. They both marvel as they look around: They're in Fillory. 

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