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Meet The Magicians and their Alter Egos

The Magicians premiers TONIGHT at 9/8c. Before the show's big debut, find out what our cast has in common with other characters in pop culture.


The Magicians premiers TONIGHT at 9/8c. And before the show's big debut, find out what our cast has in common with other characters in pop culture.

Quentin/Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

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Ok, so Quentin can't shoot webs out of his wrists and then glide between buildings but he totes has a lot in common with fellow nerd Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire). Both dudes were bordering on being less-than-average until something extradorinaiy - in Quentin's case, the discovery that he can do magic - changed the course of their lives forever.

Alice/Claire Standish (The Breakfast Club)

Penny/Danny Zuko (Grease)

Cool - without trying to look too cool - style of dress and bad ass attitudes? Double check. Penny is like the Danny Zuko (John Travolta) - albeit slightly jerkier - of The Magicians . Despite his tough guy act, Penny actually does give a sh*t about things, yet he's afraid of what it will mean for his "rep" to show an interest in his magical abilities. Also, Penny would murder us if we compared him to Danny Zuko, but whatevs.

Eliot/Sebastian Valmont (Cruel Intentions)

If Eliot and Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillippe) were to get matching tattoos they would say "Idol hands make the Devil's workshop ... and we like it." Both dudes love a good prank, even when the joke goes way too far. They're both sharp tongued, dress well and probably would never be caught dead in an Applebee's. The gender they chose to get busy with differs, of course, but honestly we can see Sebastian going there.

Margo/Regina George (Mean Girls)

Margo's not bad, she's just drawn that way. No - wait- actually, Margo is pretty bad (well, at first glance. We're sure there's more to the story), much like fellow mean girl Regina George (Rachel McAdams). BUT it's the kind of "bad" that's just so good. One key difference is that Margo would have cast some spell to prevent those protein bars from causing her to gain 30 lbs and then probably teleported Lindsay Lohan to hell or something.

Julia/Tracy Flick (Election)

Julia is to Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) what overachievers are to honors classes. Julia is a perfectionist and she's determined to excel at everything - especially magic - no matter what the costs. Julia's a way better dresser though.

Alice/Allison (The Breakfast Club)

They're nice girls and outcasts, but that doesn't mean that they're going to finish last. Alice, like Allison, is an introvert but she lets her supreme magical skills do all the talking. 

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