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Watch the First Scene of Magicians Season 2

The first scene AND a behind the scenes look at the upcoming season.


The Magicians dropped some juicy tidbits of new Season 2 content during San Diego Comic-Con, and we can't wait to share them with you (despite what Jason Ralph and Stella Maeve may say they're totally not cringe-worthy). First up, we've got a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Season 2: a candy forest, a Fillorian throne room, and tastefully upcycled Brakebills Library. The upcoming season promises to showcase quite a bit more of the magical Fillorian realm and we're stoked to show you this dream world of magic.

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The Magicians Season 2: First Look

And don't worry, we're not total teases. Here's the first scene of Season 2. Yes, the first scene! The Beast just went medieval on Penny, Alice, Margo and Eliot and now Quentin is in desperate need of some TLC, a back massage, and perhaps some otherworldly divine intervention.

The Magicians: First Scene of Season 2