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Episode Recap: Divine Elimination

The final showdown with The Beast is here, and not everyone survives.


With the team back together in Fillory, it’s time to finalize the plan to kill The Beast. But before getting to the boring/life threatening business at hand, Eliot has a surprise for everyone, except Penny who doesn’t hold a royal title. But for everyone else -- he has restyled the throne room at Castle Whitespire, and it is time for them to take their seats as Kings and Queens of Fillory! BUT! As soon as Eliot sits down on his throne, something strange happens. He gets all twitchy and paranoid and suddenly he’s accusing everyone of usurping his power.

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A little while later, Quentin remembers that Julia had warned him that The Beast had set several booby traps in the throne room and Eliot may in fact be CURSED! As Alice, Quentin. and Penny ponder this, Alice takes a seat in her throne and becomes just as jumpy as Eliot. Soon Quentin sits in HIS throne and becomes likewise crazy! That’s when Penny figures out, it’s the thrones that are cursed! He runs off to find Margo, (the only one who hasn’t sat in a throne) to figure out a plan.

He finds her out in the woods picking plants that may be an antidote. To the curse? NOPE. To a poison that she intends to give Quentin, Alice, and Eliot! Turns out, she did sit in her throne and she is cursed too! Now all of the kings and queens of Fillory are looking to kill each other! Luckily, there is one person Penny can still trust. Eliot’s wife! She’s Fillorian! She’ll know what to do!

He goes to her and unfortunately her news is pretty grim. Curses in Fillory are hard to break and must be seen through to their conclusion. In this case, the whole monarchy has to die. So, that’s…tricky. This news gives Penny an idea and he goes off in search of supplies - telling Eliot’s wifey to not let any of them kill each other before disappearing…

Meanwhile Julia, Marina, and The Beast are trying to catch and kill Reynard. Since Reynard seems to be going after people attempting to invoke Our Lady Underground, Julia gets Marina to cast the spell. Before she finishes, The Beast whisks Julia away – turns out Reynard would have never came if he sensed Julia in the room. Julia is furious and starts walking back to find Marina as The Beast sings a song, skipping along behind her.

Back in Fillory, the team is still trying to kill each other, but Penny has a plan: to kill them all with potassium chloride which will stop their hearts and then use adrenaline to get them going again. Before he can follow through, his enchanted hands stop working. The man can’t hold a crossbow, much less inject all his friends with chemicals! Soon, all hell breaks loose and our royal friends all start jabbing at each other with fatal needles. The gang all dies and then is brought back to life, breaking the curse. So, they have that going for them.

Julia’s plans don’t seem to be going so well. When Marina saw that Julia and The Beast took off, she basically said “F this noise,” and headed back home. Julia and The Beast arrive back where they were casting the spell to find no one there. While Julia tries to figure out how to start all over, The Beast suggests that maybe the spell did work. Instead of showing up, he decided to follow Marina home…  

As soon as Marina gets home, she locks herself inside with some very powerful magic only to find that she’s not alone. Yep, Reynard is inside with her. With her powerful wards keeping Julia and The Beast out, it gives Reynard some time to do some truly brutal stuff to her. First he turns her cat (seemingly the only thing she loves) inside out, bites off her finger (making it so she can’t do magic), and then threatens to eat the rest of her from the toes up (this guy is GROSS!). Luckily right before this can happen, Julia and The Beast, who has Reynard suspended in time, make it through the charms to save the day!

While all this is happening, the gang back in Fillory has set their plan in motion. It’s time to kill The Beast! So, Penny transports himself to Earth, interrupting the killing of Reynard and transports The Beast and Julia (the latter on accident) back to Fillory where Alice has her big Beast killing spell in motion! Quentin sees Julia and can’t let her die, so interrupts the spell and jumps in to save her. This gives The Beast just enough time to jump out of harm's way, leaving him only slightly charred by Alice’s spell. In the aftermath, The Beast magics himself away and Penny takes a distraught Julia back to Earth - but not before she breaks the chains binding his cursed hands, which causes his magic to go NUTS.

The gang is running out of options. Alice’s god magic is just about out and The Beast is loose somewhere in Fillory. The gang decides that their best bet is to split up. Margo and Eliot head to find Ember to try and get more of his… power potion (ew)… Alice and Quentin head to the wellspring of magic to try and head off The Beast. On the carriage ride, Alice and Quentin let loose a lot of pent up feelings which leads to some very romantic like shenanigans. Could our heroes be getting back together?!

When The Beast reaches the wellspring, he finds Ember coming out of  it, warning The Beast that the well spring is now undrinkable because… well… the delicate way to put this… OK FINE EMBER POOPED IN THE WELLSPRING! Yup. Pooped. In the wellspring. Realizing he has riled The Beast up Ember disappears, leaving Quentin and Alice to take the brunt of this rage. The Beast makes the first move, trying to cut Alice in half, but Quentin jumps in the way. The spell takes a huge chunk out if his shoulder, but he still seems to be alive.

As Margo and Eliot come upon Ember’s home, but before they can ask for more of his… ugh, stuff… he magics them away to witness the epic battle between Alice and The Beast! They arrive just in time to witness some of Alice’s badassery, but then Alice makes a choice that will change everything – the spell gets away from her and she becomes a Niffin, burning away in a magic firestorm.

Just as The Beast is about to kill Quentin… ALICE RETURNS! Well, kind of. Niffin Alice returns and tears open The Beast. She then turns back on her friends to kill them. Quentin has no choice but to unleash his Cacodemon on Niffin Alice, saving his friends, but killing the only girl he had ever loved who had loved him back. (Cue all the tears).

Back on Earth Julia makes it back to Marina’s apartment to find that she is too late. After she and The Beast were transported to Fillory, Marina and Reynard duked it out over the knife that could kill Reynard and sadly, Reynard won. Julia finds Marina’s body utterly devastated. Now she has no weapon, no plan, and no Beast. Just an unfulfilled desire for revenge. NOW WHAT?!