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Episode Recap: Ramifications

It’s the final showdown between Julia and the god who ruined her life. What happens will change everything.


Now that Quentin and Julia have brought Alice's shade back from the Underworld, they are working hard to find a way to revive Alice. Their last hope is Mayakovsky, who feels just guilty enough to help bring Alice back to life but warns them that it’s not pretty and she’s going to be angry. Turns out he’s correct: Alice's shade, a giant metal cage and some magic batteries later — Alice is revived and hopping mad about it.

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In the library of the Neitherlands, Penny and library assistant Sylvia feel confident they can get their way in to the Poison Room through one of the fountains.  That’s going to be tricky, but Sylvia insists this isn’t her first rodeo. They specifically need a book on how to kill gods, since that’s what Kady has been asking for. Kady, it turns out, is working with Julia, who’s still shadeless. The pair decides to team up to continue their plan from before: stop, kill, or somehow exact their terrible revenge on Reynard. And some news arrives from Senator Gaines – it turns out that Reynard's whole motivation is revenge on "Our Lady Underground."

Since Eliot has been banished from Fillory and can't get back with the button because Quentin gave it to a dragon, the two look into how that might work. Turns out, the only way to get back to Fillory is the Grandfather Clock from the books. Which Quentin has seen before! Remember when he went to that interview in Episode 1? If they can find that clock they might be able to get back! So Eliot and Quentin trace the sale of that grandfather clock to a collector of Fillory memorabilia. After a few questions, they learn said collector’s real identity: Umber, the OTHER GOD OF FILLORY. Umber drops some major truth bombs about his brother Ember. See the two of them really like to make new worlds together, but currently, Ember is growing tired of Fillory: hence turning people into rats and hostile takeovers and fairy invasions. Umber, though? Doesn’t really care. He’s got new worlds to build.

Meanwhile, Reynard killed Senator Gaines' wife and cuts off her ear. Now, Gaines is turning on dear old Dad and enlists the help of Kady and Julia. Gaines knows that the only way to rid the world of Reynard is to use all of the magic energy within him. Thus, he convinces Kady to MURDER HIM. It wrecks Kady emotionally, but Julia is able to take all of that magic and force it into a magic bullet that can kill Reynard.

Meanwhile, in the poison room, Penny and Sylvia have broken out in terrible boils and spots but they seem to have found the book they were looking for. Ultimately, though, Sylvia sacrifices herself. And Penny…well, Penny isn't doing well. That Poison Room is, in fact, poison. He gets Julia the book she needs about killing gods, but we don’t yet know the cost.

While all this was happening, Josh and the Fillorian Cabinet worked pretty hard to find Margo but didn’t really succeed. Also they got really high and fended off an attack from Prince Ess, and also didn’t really succeed. The big showdown comes when Julia and Kady conjure Persephone (AKA Our Lady Underground) Julia has finally made it work and conjured Our Lady Underground! For real this time! And it lures Reynard right to them. Our Lady Underground turns out to be Reynard's absent mom, who apologizes for all of the trouble her son has caused. Julia is convinced to spare his life and in return, Persephone gives her back her shade. And Kady, furious that Reynard is still alive, however tamed by his mom, peaces out.