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Marlee Matlin Casts Her Spell on The Magicians

Guys. This is kind of a big deal. And it's happening on Weds. March 29.


In Episode 10 of The Magicians second season (March 29, y'all), Penny and Kady will be searching for an important book. While searching for said book, guess who they'll run into? The one and online Marlee Matlin (Switched at Birth) !!  

The Academy Award-winning actress will play Harriet, the woman in charge of a website called "Fuzzbeat" that focuses on news, Top 10 lists and cat videos (which are important). As the episode unfolds, Kady and Penny quickly learn that Harriet's website might be hiding more than they originally thought.

Hmmm. How curious...

Catch Marlee in the episode, titled "The Girl Who Told Time" on Wednesday, March 29 at 9/8c. And in the meanwhile, watch full episodes of Season 2 anytime you want, here on

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H/T to Entertainment Weekly for the story.