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Episode Recap: Do You Like Teeth?

Quentin faces his most formidable foe yet as Julia and Alice prepare a death-defying magical spell.


Alice and Julia are taking very seriously this plan to transfer Julia's magic to Alice. After nearly blowing themselves up, they go to visit Dean Fogg, who tells them that he invented the spell. When Julia fixes his glasses for him, he relents (because he’s also become sort of a drunk) and sends them to an incubus who can help them power the spell. The incubus (gross) gives them his tail and they’re able to start the process. As Penny watches, pesky old Hyman, who’s been lurking around Brakebills too, pops up to suggest that Penny go off and find another story. It’s honestly pretty sad. But also? It works: Alice gets the powers that Julia didn’t want.

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Meanwhile, Margot and the Queen of the Floating Mountain chat about a possible way to kill the Fairy Queen, but…not until the marriage is consummated. Which…Margot's not going to do, that kid is WAY too young. The Queen locks Margot and the kid in the dungeon and the Fairy Queen convinces Eliot to help her get the marriage consummated by threatening to steal his genitals. As Eliot goes to try and help, he receives a message from Prince Ess and comes up with a new plan. Taking Margot and the Little Prince up north to a magic forest full of aphrodisiacs, he drugs the wine and tells Margot they have bigger problems. The fairies are up to something. Margot is impressed as she and Eliot go off to try and save Fillory.

Quentin, meanwhile, continues the quest for the keys by getting on the Muntjac and sailing into the Abyss. Quentin loves sailing off into the distance with Benedict the Map Maker. After a little while at sea, they stumble across someone stranded in the water. Who turns out to be (special guest star Felicia Day!) Poppy Klein! Former Brakebills student! From that class that went missing! And it turns out she has the key he's looking for! There are a few hitches, though. When Quentin wakes up from a drunken stupor, he finds an angry version of himself. He confronts Poppy who tells him that the key takes the darkest parts of a person and convinces them to harm themselves. It seems like the key has about a 50% survival rate. The shadow Quentin tortures him and finally Quentin asks Benedict to attach him to the mast, Ulysses-style, like they used to do to mad sailors in the past. When Poppy learns that the magic keys can also open portals to other places, she steals the key back, hoping to get it to take her home. Benedict pursues! And Poppy hands him the key.

And that…is the end of poor Benedict, who commits suicide by jumping from the boat into the jaws of an awaiting dragon.

Back in Fillory, Margo and Eliot figure out that what the Queen's been up to all this time is growing an army of fairies for a full-scale invasion. As Eliot tries to plot his next move, Margo makes the decision for them; she grabs a bunch of the mushroom/egg baby fairies as hostages. Eliot and Margo convinces the Prince that they had sex, but had a frog bite his junk, so now… he thinks the marriage is consummated and never wants to have sex again. Nicely played, gang!

Finally, Penny comes to say goodbye to Julia and Alice. He's been convinced by Hyman to go and watch some other story, somewhere else. And he confronts Julia about how she has nothing beyond magic. Then Alice offers to make Penny a new body. Like Mayakovsky did for her. The magic gone from her, Julia has a dream of Reynard turning up and terrorizing her again. Poppy explains to Quentin that whatever a dragon ingests, it goes somewhere else. Portal-style. Benedict and the key are likely in the underworld somewhere. But also? Something is wrong. As Alice starts the process of making a body for Penny, she falls to the floor and begins convulsing. Something has gone terribly wrong with this magic transfer.