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It's Official! The Magicians Renewed For Season 4 In 2019!

It's official! The Magicians has been renewed for a fourth season in 2019!

Well it looks like there might be some magic left in the world after all; The Magicians has officially been renewed for a fourth season! Coldwater and Co. will be returning in 2019 to tackle the next installment of their misadventures. Q, Julia, Penny, Kady, Alice, Margo, Eliot, Fen, and so many others have traveled far and grown considerably over the past few years. We've certainly fallen in love with them along the way and we can't wait to see where Season 4 takes our magically gifted friends.

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That said; let’s not forget that there’s a rather important quest at hand! Be sure not to miss the next chapters of The Quest for the Seven Keys. New episodes of The Magicians air Wednesdays 9/8c!