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Margo is the Friend We All Need...Let Us Count The Ways


See that look. That's pretty much the exact face that Margo would make if she knew that we were writing a blog about her.

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Bambi is a maestro of the well-timed withering glance. Not only can she shoot darts of pithy perfection, but she keeps it real with those that are blessed to call themselves part of her inner circle. Here are 10 times Margo showed us that she's the best friend that we all wish we had.

  1. She makes sure that her best friends get some ...


  2. ... and that she's not left out in the cold.


  3. Margo never claims to be perfect, but she will always be honest ...


  4. ... and point out when people need a reality check ...


  5. ...but she'll dole out the kudos when they're deserved.


  6. Margo would never stab you in the back. She'd stab you in the front.


  7. Margo doesn't even need battle magic. She has this look in her arsenal.


  8. Margo is the person you want around when you're riding high ...


  9. ... when you need someone to miss you ...


  10. ... and definitely the person you want around when s#!t gets real.



When it comes to Margo we're ride or die, and we can't wait to see her keep slaying in the next season.




When you're royalty and you need to peace out until the next new episode airs on Wednesday at 9/8c. Toodles!