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Your Week! As Told Through The Magicians 303

Start you week off right with a gif for each day, brought to you in part by The Magicians.


Magicians. They're just like us. They dread Mondays, drudge their way through Wednesdays and do cartwheels on Fridays at 5 o'clock. With that in mind, it's time to take the lessons we learned from the day to day adventures of our questing crew featured in Season 3 Episode 3 and apply them to the week ahead. 

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It's a magical prediction of sorts and it goes a little something like this...

MONDAY, January 29


I know, I know. Why must the weekends be so short and the weeks so long? At least you don't have to face Queen Margo yelling in the throne room today. Best to take a lesson from Tick, grit your teeth and get on with it. 

TUESDAY, January 30

It's only day two of this week but if you're being honest, you thought it was Wednesday until your friends asked if you were going to make it to Taco Tuesday. Don't fret! After some minor, internal recalculation you'll be ready to face Wednesday for real this time. 

WEDNESDAY, January 31


Knowing that you have everything under control can be a great feeling. Realizing that you don't can make you feel a bit hopeless. Whether that's because you're only halfway through the week or because there's a vengeful Lamprey after your family, the effect is the same. Either way, feel free to indulge in a good cry. 

THURSDAY, February 1


At this point in the week, your room is probably a mess whether or not you've been summoning demons like Kady. Clean it up or leave it be, the choice is yours. This close to Friday, your only goal is survival so get some food and keep on goin'!

FRIDAY, February 2

Wow! Looking at your calendar, you can barely believe your eye(s). That was a tough week but it's time to revel in the glory of the weekend. Go forth and enjoy yourselves all you beautiful High Queens and Kings of Fillory!

Try not to let thoughts of next week creep into your thoughts while you unwind. But if you can't save yourself from anxiety, you can rest easy knowing that there are all new episodes of The Magicians, Wednesdays at 9/8c!