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Your Week! As Told Through The Magicians 305

Start you week off right with a gif for each day, brought to you in part by The Magicians.


Magicians. They're just like us. They dread Mondays, drudge their way through Wednesdays and do cartwheels on Fridays at 5 o'clock. With that in mind, it's time to take the lessons we learned from the day to day adventures of our questing crew featured in Season 3 Episode 2 and apply them to the week ahead. 

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It's a magical prediction of sorts and it goes a little something like this...

MONDAY, February 12


Ah, yes, the familiar stinging warmth of the sun. Magical or muggle, you might not have gone outside at all yesterday, living off the fumes of Saturday past until you ordered in Chinese food. We’ve all been there, but it is time to once again venture into the portal like Eliot here. It’s bright, but some Vitamin D couldn’t hurt. 

TUESDAY, February 13


For the unorganized witches or wizards among us, figuring out what you’re supposed to be doing for the next few days is a key component in starting your week. Tuesday is the official day of people asking you about things that happened last week so be ready to roll your eyes back for a look into the past. 

WEDNESDAY, February 14


Breathe deep. Sure it’s Wednesday, but you’re not going to succumb to this one. You have your whole life to figure out life’s puzzling tapestry so stop and smell the peaches and plums while you try to enjoy your position atop this mountain-of-a-hump day. 

THURSDAY, February 15


Thought your week was beginning to slow down? Quite the opposite. Thursday might be considered Friday Jr. in some circles, but with the weekend right around the corner, the mad dash to get stuff done has begun. Hopefully things don’t go as drastically awry as Margo’s nuptials, but as she has learned, it is best to expect the unexpected.

FRIDAY, February 16


The prophesized day is here. Time for you to gtfo of this psych ward (literally or figuratively, sorry Kady) and crawl back into the cave that is your room. You could go out, but going out is overrated. Sleep well all you beautiful princes and princesses of Fillory...

...or at least sleep well enough to treat yourself to some extravagant leisure over the next two days; go forth, be merry, thrive, and be sure to catch all new episodes of The Magicians, Wednesdays at 9/8c!