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Episode Recap: A Timeline and a Place

Quentin and Julia play Pictionary. Margo drinks some weird milk. 


Penny wakes up in a cage. And it turns out that Marina is in the next cage over. They
were kidnapped and sold because a magician named Daniel Stoppard doing time magic wants them to go back to their timelines. Remember, these two are both from timeline 23. Stoppard magics them to 23, they overpower him and boost away elsewhere. And, it’s not a great timeline. Very police-state-esque.

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Back in the best apartment ever, Quentin and Julia are talking about what to do with Evil Eliot. Now that they definitively know that the real Eliot is in there somewhere, Quentin wants to help out Evil Eliot in order to build him a new body and to save his friend. They agree to help the monster while they figure out what to do next.

Alice has travelled wherever her spell directed her to, as promised to Quentin. She
lands in Modesto and isn’t quite sure why, so she decides to rent a room and explore.
Turns out her new landlord/roommate, Sheila, has newly discovered magical abilities.
Alice thinks that might be the reason she is there – to help Sheila uncover her
capabilities. And some librarians are close behind with recruitment literature.

In Fillory, the animals still can’t talk. Turns out there is a plant with pollen that is
preventing the animals from speaking. But an antidote can be made with the juice from
the beets on a remote fingerling isle. Fillory stuff. And the ruler of that area, Lady Pike,
is known to be “difficult” -- so now Margo has to figure out how to do deal her.

Marina and Penny 23 flip around the timelines with tools of their captor, Daniel. And
meeting him in an alternate world, they learn the motivation behind his moves. The
time-shifting magic that he is doing, and that his mom invented, is tricky stuff and their
timeline fluctuations are interfering with it and endangering his mom. It’s not personal,
but he wants them in their own timelines. They manage communication with his mom
and realize that she knew the risks of her magic but chose to pursue it anyway. They
can’t stop her or help her, so after a quick disagreement Penny ditches Marina.

Julia and Quentin head to a museum to see if they can make sense of the hieroglyphics on the objects that Evil Eliot is removing from the gods and goddesses he is killing. As they are working, a drunk Evil Eliot shows up to complain about how bored he is. He decides to help, and animates a mummy to see what they can learn. He tells them that they are looking for a deceased god whose team was looted, so they keep on the case and all leave the Mummy. Bye, Mummy!

Alice is teaching Sheila magic, when Sheila shares that the town’s water pipes are old
and contaminated with lead. Sheila can sense a leaking magic pipe somewhere in the
community, so they decide to investigate. They find a pipe, and Alice cracks it to release more magic in the community. They clean the entire community’s pipes with the magic they can access.

Margo is working diplomacy to get the beets she needs to get the animals talking. She
is diplomatic and smooth, until she decides not to be and just goes with threats and
force. Which works. And when Josh goes to talk to her after the fact to find out why she
shifted gears, she turns on him. Hard. She is horribly cruel and whatever they were
sparking is slipping away, fast.

When Penny jumps timelines, he lands in a waystation where Penny 40 greets him. In
their conversation, Librarian Penny 40 gives Penny 23 permission to take over his life.
He says there’s a lot at stake, and it’s best that he stay in 40. And he has a message of
goodbye for Kady. Penny goes back to Marina and timeline 40.

Evil Eliot is poisoning Eliot’s body with alcohol and drugs and Quentin has had enough.
He gives him an ultimatum and tells him he has to stop damaging Eliot if he wants him
to continue to help him. EE agrees.

Daniel finds Penny in timeline 40. He still wants him to go back, but Penny says he
can’t. And not only that, he spread flower seeds around from a different timeline so
there’s no way that the timeline can be “cleaned” and Daniel’s need to chase him
around is gone.

In Modesto some hedge witches blow up a library branch with some Librarians inside.
And others are waiting outside of Sheila’s door. Aaaahhh! What’s next?