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Episode Recap: All That Hard, Glossy Armor

Margo hits her step count. 


Jumping right in – Penny shares with Julia and Quentin what he realized while he was mind-melded with Evil Eliot. The True Eliot told him what's really going on. That Evil Eliot wants to stones to rebuild his sister's body – he just doesn't know it yet. Enyalius is the key as he has the last stone.

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Margo has been banished from Fillory and is on her desert quest searching for The Foremost and the ice axes that just might be able to save Eliot. She runs out of water with her trust lizard companion at her side. In her bag. She talks to the lizard and asks for a sign of what to do next. His skin gleams. And in just one lick, she falls so hard, hard, hard – into an amazing musical trance. Visions of Eliot dancing shirtless in the desert lure her as he covers "Don't Get Me Wrong" by The Pretenders. She follows him until she collapses in the sand. People find her and threaten to kill her until they realize she has been banished by Fillory and they consider her an ally – whereupon Margo collapses again.

In the Best Apartment Ever, Alice gives Julia the book called "The Binder" that she found in the Mirror Realm. And Penny, Quentin and Julia are trying to find the god Enyalius. After talking it through, Julia realizes he may be a trickster god named Aengus who changes his looks and is protected by Leprechauns. They need to find a Leprechaun.

In a tent in the desert, Margo awakes to learn about the red desert sand. Apparently in this area, when women get angry red desert sands possess the man. The Foremost appears with his ice axes and stabs a possess man – and the red smoke spirit is then captured in a glass jar. Turns out that if any woman gets emotional the red desert spirits attack and the community's men have been jumping in to take on the demons. As Margo learns all of this, her hallucination of Eliot is by her side. It's a lot. She decides to seduce Mr. Ice Axes for those axes, and has musical hallucinations of Eliot, Josh and Fen as she does so. In the morning light she asks about borrowing the axes and is told they are enchanted just for him. In order to get her own, Margo must quest alone in the desert, not use magic, and find rare black grains of sand that will then be forged into her own weapons. She heads off with her musical army behind her: Eliot, Fen, Josh, Kady and Dean Fogg.

Alice and Kady talk to Zelda about what they've been learning about tracking magic levels. It seems that The Library has a lot more magic available than they are releasing. While Zelda thinks there might be some kind of honest mistake here, Alice and Kady suspect Everett is to blame. Zelda agrees to investigate. When she heads back to her office, she finds the books have been doctored.

Penny, Quentin and Julia head to a shoe store to press a Leprechaun about Aengus. After batting away their questions, a woman named Berry agrees to help them. She leads them to a back room where there are escape-room-esque puzzles to solve. They try to impress upon her the urgency of the situation, and that Aengus's life is in danger. She remains nonplussed and sits down bemusedly to watch them puzzle out how to open the door to Aengus's office.

Margo has a breakdown in the desert. Searching for grains, she talks to Eliot about her plight. She screams and summons a red desert demon. A specter of a woman appears outside her tents and speaks to her in her mind.

Penny, Julia and Quentin make it through the puzzle room and into Aengus' office. They stress how Aengus' life is at risk – he is in danger from the monster he imprisoned, now known as Evil Eliot. He is super flip about it, and a bit grossly into Julia and her kinda-Goddess status.

Margo returns to Mr. Ice Axes and his helpmate. And she confronts them with what she now knows: The red demons are there to help women. They come to women in distress in order to aid them. And Margo suspects these jerks know that and are using it to keep people down. Margo magics the hell out of them, frees the red spirits, and leaves the tent. She axes through some retribution with a musical ally army hallucination behind her singing "Storm Coming." Then Margo tells the women in the community what's really going on. They have the power to control the spirits, who are there to help them.

Aengus the Annoying moves so damn slow and can't remember the password to his safe room. Evil Eliot pops in, having killed Berry the leprechauns, and immediately kills Aengus. He grabs the stone from his chest and turns to confront Quentin, Penny and Julia. Penny thinks fast and travels them out of there. Back at their apartment they nurse their wounds with Alice and Kady. Quentin is despondent while Julia reassures him, and Zelda arrives from The Library with news.

In the desert, Margo triumphantly exits tent city with the ice axes in her possession. Hallucin-Eliot serenades her and she vows to save him. Then he disappears and she keeps walking.