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Episode Recap: Home Improvement

Penny licks an egg. Alice is jealous of a flower.


Let’s just jump right in. Fen is on her solo quest – trekking to find the mysterious hooded woman from her dreams. But she’s not quite solo – Margo is following close behind. Which spawns this incredible outburst: “Jesus based on the novel Christ by Sapphire.” The best cursing ever. Thank you, Margo. Basically, Margo wants in on this op. And FYI, everything is just fine between her and Josh and no she hasn’t caught feelings for him.

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Zelda the librarian asks Alice for help. She needs her Niffin experience to learn about
the mirror world and help Harriet find her way out – if she is still alive in there. In return,
she’ll help Alice find her new Modesto pal, Sheila, and also bury their books so The
Library won’t track them down later.

Evil Eliot is going through withdrawal and very unhappy. Quentin is looking for an
ancient artifact – the one the mummy mentioned – and Eliot’s pretty ticked that this is
taking a while. Kady has an idea…. She wants to pull in Black Market Pete (still going
by “Love Lady”) for help. And he has a lead on what they are looking for and where to
find it. It’s Dragon time. Another, new Dragon. They need to offer it something in
exchange for the artifact.

Pete then asks Kady what she plans to do about the hedge witch situation, and the
bombing in Modesto. Kady is sure that Whitley caused the bombing. She wants her
turned in so that all hedges aren’t branded terrorists, and she wants Pete to do it. Also
in Awesome Apartment, Penny 23 learns from Julia that Eliot is still alive and that
Shoshana, her acolyte, is not. Then he has to deliver a terrible message to Kady – that
Penny 40 says he’s sorry and, basically, goodbye.

Alice shows up at her mother’s house – she needs help doing a cooperative spell that
requires a mother/daughter pair. There’s some new magic meters tracking usage in her
house – new systems put in place since the Modesto bombing.

Julia and Quentin head to Dragon-land. This Dragon is in the East River and her herald, Harold, is in crisis mode. Turns out she’s missing an elixir, and if Julia and Quentin can find it the Dragon will reward them with anything they want. They’ve so got this. Quentin says the arrow leads to Fillory, and heads to Brakebills where he finds … Poppy! She’s back! And is as Dragon-obsessed as ever. Oh, and pregnant. Very, very pregnant.

A few hours later Julia tracks down Quentin and he is now caretaking for Poppy. And he announces to Julia that he’s going to be a Dad. Wha??!! (I mean there was that one
time, but….) Penny and Kady join Julia, Quentin and Poppy in the Brakebills hangout. Penny thinks there is something weird going on, and Kady finds some strange reading material and then they spot an empty elixir bottle.

Alice and her mom are failing at their spellcasting. And mom’s friend Carol has showed
up. Alice is insisting that her mom continue to try to spell. But Carol has shown up and
shares her marital aid tools and the fact that The Library doesn’t love her, either. Then,
ding-dong, some Librarians show up. Alice quickly locks up the house. Time for a siege.

Back in Fillory, Fen and Margo have found the woman from Fen’s dream. Seems like
her prophecies involve a lot of yard work and Margo getting a bit fed up and holding her captive in some vines. Margo calls out the prophecy-lady on her chore-inducing BS. Fen finally believes and is kinda ticked. Turns out she was lying because she is not the real green hood woman from Fen’s dreams – but she knows who is, a creature called The Napster who can only be caught in dreams.

In Brakebills, Kady, Penny and Julia figure out what’s going on. As Quentin is doting on
Poppy, they realize that the elixir is Dragon sperm and Poppy used it on herself to get
pregnant. So, Quentin’s not the daddy. But he’s still acting a bit strange. Julia realizes
that the dragon fetus has built in protections and that anything that touches a pregnant
mother will want to protect the growing baby. Hence, crazy Q.

The Librarians are still parked outside of Alice’s mom’s house. They are arguing about
the situation, when her mom confesses that she actually turned in Carol. Then the
Librarians deploy screaming books.

OMG and wait – Poppy isn’t actually Dragon pregnant. She’s pregnant, but has a
Dragon egg. And it’s touching the egg that has made Q crazy and protective. And, he’s named it Falcor. Penny grabs it, and now he wants to parent the egg as well. Julia
grabs it and is immune to the spell so she and Kady run off with the egg.

Alice’s mom wants Carol to turn herself in. Instead she runs off to prep to use her
creepy voodoo dolls against the Librarians to get them to leave. Alice and her mom
have a huge fight and then come together and try the cooperative spell again. This time, it works. Then Carol uses her dolls to move the Librarians away from the door and she leaves the house. Alice also leaves.

Back at the East River, there’s a Dragon egg showdown. As the factions argue, the
Dragon appears. After some hesitation she accepts the egg. Quentin, Poppy and Penny are pretty devastated to lose it.

Alice delivers the spell to Zelda and she agrees that their deal is met. Sheila appears
and she has now joined the Order. She’s happy to be a Librarian. Alice is devastated to
lose her friend. She hands over the beacon.

In the Best Apartment Ever, Julia and Penny catch up. Julia’s wistful that she’s not quite
human anymore. And Penny says that he isn’t quite human, either. And he has a crazy
egg hangover. And so does Quentin. And Poppy is coming to terms with her pregnancy.

And – phew – it’s not Quentin’s. Though she does want him to be the baby’s godfather.
Harold the herald shows up with the artifact they were looking for. And a cryptic
message for Julia. She must seek “The Binder.” What the heck does that mean?
And in Fillory, Fen captures the Napster in her dream. She’s a cat, and after some
debate shares Fen’s destiny with her. Turns out, it concerns High King Margo. Fen must dethrone her. What?!