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Episode Recap: Lost, Found, F...ed

Brian takes a friend out for ice cream; Sam is one week away from retirement. 


The spell was not removed by Marina, so she runs some more tests on the heroes to
find out what, exactly, is going on with them. Also, did anyone see this coming from
her, way-back when she was just a super powerful hedge witch in previous
seasons? Did you? (Maybe?) And hey, where’s Margo/Janet? Oh yeah, she's on planet Fillory where everyone still addresses her as King Margo. Lord Fresh (distant relatives of The White Lady and The Great Cock) tells her that this has all been expected and written about and she needs to lift the spell.

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Marina and Penny/DJ Hansel surprise Fogg in his house. Marina puts him under the spell that he has put the heroes under, and tells him he has a day to find an antidote so she can give it to the others.

In Fillory, Margo/Janet finds Fen and some minions. They explain that the Kingdom is
overrun by opium and they are searching for Ember. Margo/Janet agrees to help them just because she wants to get out of there.

At Brakebills, Fogg has a crazy run where he does lots of insane things and has Todd
record all of it. Behaving as if it is his last day on Earth, Fogg does a lot of surprising
things and has some very weird confrontations. Julia/Kim goes to see Fogg and she's sad that he is leaving. Of course Todd spilled the beans. Fogg tells Julia/Kim that he cast a spell on a few students and that the same spell has been cast on him. He cannot save himself, because if he did their identities would also be revealed and they would be killed. Julia/Kim tries to steer him toward a different path, but Fogg is resigned to his fate. Marina makes him a homeless man outside of her building, and steals his money. It’s heartbreaking. 

Back in space jail, Alice is doing things with ducts. She sticks her arm in a tube to reach bits of magic, and then hits the roach with it. She sees through its eyes and crawls down the hall to the Head Librarian’s office. When Zelda spots the roach, she squashes it. But the good news: Alice had saw a chimney in her office. And she thinks maybe her neighbor Santa can help her use it to escape.

In Greece, Quentin/Brian captured a pig at Evil Eliot’s request. After some light torture,
he agrees to sacrifice it as Eliot demands. They attract the God Enyalius, and then Evil
Eliot confronts him. He’s searching for something and finds out that it’s not Enyalius,
after all, but one of his servants. And kills him anyway.

Julia/Kim and Todd find a magic battery that Fogg had created in his office. She
touches it, flies into the wall and dies... and then comes back to life! Todd freaks out but Julia says shes fine and then she touches the battery again and then... flies against the wall again, and dies again. She keeps doing this until finally the battery stops working. She starts to change from Julia/Kim to just Julia. And then all of those under Fogg’s spell violently shift back to their true selves.

King Margo confronts the Ember imposter in Fillory, who turns out to be Bacchus. Or
maybe not? He says he’s a god, and flings Margo away somewhere.

Quentin, who is no longer Brian, comes to, and talks to Evil Eliot. He’s appeasing him, saying that he understands he has to torture gods and things because he is just trying to get back what he lost. Oh, and PS, can he have his friend back? At that, Evil Eliot shows jealousy and whisks them to Miranda’s apartment in NYC. Josh, Penny and Kady are relieved to see Quentin and Eliot, until Quentin tells them to stay back. Evil Eliot is dangerous.